12 March 2014

Birchbox UK March 2014

I got my birchbox today a little while after a lot of other bloggers and on opening I agree that it is odd that from the outside it is only the sleeve that would tell you that this is the Lulu Guinness box.

It is the bog standard box inside and to be honest that is rather disappointing as they could have done some beautiful things for the box but instead they did a sleeve that will end up in my recycling box whereas I tend to keep the boxes.

The leaflet is quite sassy and I love all the other little leaflets in my box this month.

When I opened the bag the first thing I saw was a stick of Lulu Guinness rock and as per norm with sweet treats it didn't last long and it was a nice piece of minty rock. Nothing special but nice none the less as it is something I liked.

The first product in my box this month is from Benefit and it is Stay don't stray in the light/medium tone. This is a primer for eyeshadow and concealer and as long as I only use a little it will blend into my skin nicely so it won't be too obvious under my concealer or any light shadows. 
It is a 2.5ml sample and is a quarter of the size of a full product so is worth £5.12.

The next product is full sized and one of the most interesting products I have seen in a while. 
This is the cellu-cup and it is a home massage tool that recreates the 'pinch and roll' technique that is useful to remove cellulite. 
Always a great thing to have as after having Edward and gaining weight my cellulite seems to have bred so if this helps it would be great.
This is worth £16.

The next product is by AromaWorks and it is the serenity body oil. It is only a 5ml but it smells heavenly and as it is an oil a little goes a long way and I really really love it. 
The sample is worth £1.62 and to be honest I am seriously considering buying the bath oil as this really is one of the most divine smells ever.

The next item in my box is the pores no more pore refiner by dr. Brandt. 
I haven't opened it but the tube seems rather full of air to me and I really doubt there is 7.5ml of product in there. 
Not too excited as I have a few pore refiners already and this will just join my stash.
If there is 7.5ml of product in there though this sample is worth £9.75.

My final sample this month is a perfume sample and for once I am not moaning. It is a spray bottle of English Laundry by Christopher Wicks in the variant no.7 and I really like it, it is floral with an undertone of vanilla and I really like this feminine smell and the fact it is a spray sample and is a decent sample size.
Cost is no really much as it is the sort of sample you get from a beauty counter but I like it.

So that was my march box and I really liked it. I got one full sized item and some really nice samples and I really look forward to next month.
If my maths is correct the contents were worth £32.49 which is excellent especially as this was part of my Christmas present from my in laws.

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*this was bought with my own money and is not a pr sample.

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