13 March 2014

Wantable makeup March 2014

My March box arrived a few days ago from America and I was really excited to receive it as last months makeup box was really nice and the boxes are really customised which is great as I won't get items that I hate like eyeliners or bronzers or things I don't need like more nail varnishes.

As per normal it has been packed nicely and I love the pink card. I really love the foam packaging too as everything comes well packaging and everything is in one piece despite coming all the way from America.

To be honest on opening it looked quite nice as there was a lipstick, something that looks like foundation, a blusher, a lip pencil and a sample. Looks good but what are the products like?

The first item in my box is the Manna Kadar sheer glo shimmer lotion.  This can be used mixed with foundation or on it's own and although it looks dark I used it on my hand and it blended in really well to my extremely pale skin and I really loved the shimmer it gave to my skin.
A really great product and feels luxurious. This is worth $29.

The second item in my box is the Sorme blush in the shade 501 pomegranate. I have a swatch of this below my other products and as you see on my skin this is more of a bronzer than a blush and I will probably not use it despite it being silky on application. 
In my opinion this is not a blush and I think it needs to be reclassified as a bronzer.
It has a rrp of $16.

The next item in my box is a Dex cosmetics Bedford avenue lipstick in lk03 tan.

This is a nude and in my profile I said I hated nudes so I am extremely upset that they have sent me this product. I won't wear it and it really makes me doubt that they really listen to their profile as my lipstick says I only want reds and berry shades and this is neither.
This has a rrp of $22 but like the last product the price doesn't matter if you won't use it.

The final product in my box other than a sample of the Sorme fresh start anti ageing under foundation makeup enhancer is a La Bella Donna lip pencil in the shade Beaujolais and this is a beautiful berry colour and I really like it as it is really soft on application and lasts well and doesn't smudge.
It has a rrp of $22.

Here are the swatches of my three colour products that I received in this box. The lipstick at the top is an obvious nude, the middle lip pencil is beautiful and I really won't use the bronzer/blusher at the bottom.

This is a box of great divide for me. I really dislike two products and like two of the products a lot. I am not happy that they haven't really totally listened to my preferences and now I have two products I need to pass on or leave in my stash unused and it makes me wonder whether to get another box.
I suppose only time will tell on that but at the moment I might give them a rest as I can't really afford thirty pounds on a box where I only use two of four items.

Lets hope your box, if you got one, was better.



  1. I had a broken eyeshadow in my box and I emailed them straight away. Their customer service is top notch and I am sure if you emailed them with this feedback they would do something for you! It's hello@wantable.com

    The lipstick looks quite dark to me. I wouldn't wear nude lipstick but on the hand swatch it seems like a deeper berry? Is it just the lighting?

    If you contact them they might give you something extra or put an "note" on your profile about colours etc. They told me they can do this. They would probably like the feedback about the blusher too. They are so much better than UK companies with their customer service! Hope you get sorted :)


  2. Nah, definitely a brown. I looked it again today and it is a tan colour. Have emailed them now. Just a bit sad as they look such nice quality but I can't where bronzer as I am so pale and the tan colour will look odd


  3. My reply was

    Thanks for you reply. I have looked at your preferences an your order and can provide some feedback on why you received those items. The Blush you received is a pressed, shimmer, neutral blush which matches your preferences. The lipstick is a coral, timeless lipstick which also matches your preferences. Unfortunately, our system cannot process exchanges.