24 March 2014

Memebox #7 review

My memebox seven arrived on Friday and despite knowing what was in it, or maybe due to that, I was extremely excited as the memeboxes have been great so far and reading about this one on makeup talk made me want in as soon as possible.
Thankfully DHL delivery fast and now I have it.

Here are the contents of my box... Look how innocent it looks... No guessing I would get a nasty show from it.. But more of that later.
So what was in my box, and why do I love this box so much?

The first item in my box is 30ml of the Miseenscene 2x Curl Essence. According to my leaflet this is a leave in treatment that helps rejuvenate dry damaged hair. This looks interesting and I look forward to using it but I do worry about it curling my hair as at the moment I am trying to tame my frizz and curls.
This is worth $2.

The next item in the box are two Leaders Insolution BIO Medi-curing Mask-Aqua Dressing products. These are masks made from 100% coconut jelly and apparently they feel cooling and help wrinkles.
They are worth $6.

The next item in my box is the Dr.G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream in a 20ml size. I received 3 for oily skin and as my skin is combination oily/dry atm it is useful. According to the leaflet it helps regain moisture balance of the skin.
This is worth $14.

The next item that I received in my box is the item that completely blew me away. This is the a:t fox Black Tea make up designer kit and I have to admit I am in love. This is the prettiest make up tin I have ever seen and this photo does it no justice at all.

Inside the tin I received are three eye designer pencils in the shades velvet pink, blind red and golden khaki, a eyeliner designer pencil in urban black, a lip and cheek designer pencil in rose beige and finally twelve nail wraps.
Totally amazing to receive in the box and I was gonna give it as a present but can't bear to part with it. It is worth $23, which is the cost of this box, without p and p, so it is excellent value.

The next item in my box is a box of three 10g samples of the Slowganic cleansers in lemon, green tea and adlay. I received a full sized lemon in my superbox and really look forward to using these samples.

The pots are really cute inside and include a lip to help you seal the one you are using between uses.

They are solid cleansers and look like they will be fun to use as I have never used a solid cleanser.
I really like that these are made with organic raw materials and help to seal in moisture when you use them to cleanse and remove makeup.
These samples are worth $12.

The final item in my box is the Catrin Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill SPF42 PA++ 12g. This is a powder sun protector and is 100% natural and it looks amazing. But in my case the product came with a surprise when I opened it.

Sadly, mine has a seal issue and this happened. I don't blame memebox but have emailed them as it was surprise and looks like a manufacturing issue with the seal on my product and it meant I had to rewash my newly changed quilt cover and lost a lot of product. Rather sad as I looked forward to using it. 
This is worth $38 when full and will be great in the summer. It is applied with a powder puff in the lid.

So, that was my memebox seven and I really love it despite the unfortunate incident.
I am really upset that from April until the foreseeable future they won't ship to the Uk as I really love these boxes but at the moment I have loads on preorder and can't wait for them to arrive.
I would definitely recommend them though and if you are in US, Canada or Japan you are very lucky as you can still buy them.

Thank you for reading,

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