27 March 2014

Memebox lucky box #1

My memebox lucky box one turned up Tuesday after talking a prolonged vacation in incheon but I am extremely happy to receive it as I have seen spoilers on the makeup talk forums.
It arrived in the usual pink bag and I love that as it is so girly.

Inside is the beautiful pink box.

Inside were the products I knew I would receive but it looks amazing and I can't wait to use it. 
So, what did I receive?

The first item I already received in #5-2 so I now have two to use. 
This is the CNP Laboratory Cleansing Perfecta. This is a cleanser that is for all skin types and is strong enough to deal with waterproof makeup, bb cream and sun block. 
I really like cleansing gels after using one from Soap and Glory so it will definitely be interesting to have one to compare it against.
This is a deluxe 50ml sample and is worth $7.66.

The next item I received was also in my #5-2, although this time it is a full sized item.
This is the Nuganic Customize Pore Control Essence and from what I can gather it is to use as you would a serum, between toning and moisturising, in my case.
The main function of this product is to control pimples and blackheads and rebalance the skin and as my skin is currently in a transition stage moving from dry to a weird dry/oily/normal combination it might be great from my t zone.
I just hope it gives me the 'healthy youthful look' it tells you that you will get, instead of the haggard, tired mother look I am currently sporting.
This is worth $46.

The next item is from Memebox #4 so I have never received it before and this item is another essence and it is a deluxe sample. I really like that their samples are really deluxe as some other companies give out lots of foil samples and I have only been given a few samples of this kind so far.
Anyway, back to the product.
This is a 12ml sample of the Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Essence. This is for all skin types and is anti ageing. 
This is worth $16.32.

The next item in my box is the Mamonde First Energy Serum. This is a 10ml sample.
This slightly scares me as it is made from flower vinegar but I am happy to try it as it is supposed to provide excellent moisture and skin renewal.
Also in the box were two foil samples with one of their cc cream and the other is a foil sample of the serum.
This is worth $2.70.

Memebox seems to like giving out sheet masks, in fact they have a sheet mask box available at the moment, and I received one in this lucky box.
This is the SEP Face lifting mask that was featured in Memebox #1. According to the leaflet it is made from the same fabric that is used in body shaping underwear and it provides multiple benefits as it provides nutrition to the skin, fights against wrinkles, brightens the skin tone, firms fine lines and hydrates the skin.
This is full sized and worth $14 and from reading the description I think you can see it more than once as you use it with your normal cleanser.

The next item was from Memebox #1 and it is the Too Cool for school Aqua Gel mist. 
This is a refreshing gel spray at you can use whenever your skin feels thirsty. Will be great in the summer.
This is full sized and worth $12.

The next item is probably my favourite item in the box. It is a 1.5ml sample of Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint Red. 
This is an amazing lip tint that doesn't shift or bleed and it is food, drink and kiss proof.

As you can see it is a vivid red and the best thing is that it doesn't fade really fast during the day.
An amazing lip tint.

The final product in the box is probably the product I was most anxious to try when I saw my first ever memebox unboxing video on YouTube. This is the Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream.
It is a moisturiser that is made with Whey and has a bouncy stretchy texture. I will be using this after my current moisturiser runs out and from the good reviews I have heard I can't wait to use it.
It is a 30ml and is worth $14.

I really enjoyed the first lucky box and it is an amazing box and I really love that so far the boxes have been consistantly good. 
The only dark cloud is that the UK will not be able to order from April onwards for the foreseeable future, which sucks.


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