19 March 2014

John Frieda Frizz ease review

At the beginning of March I received a few products from John Frieda frizz ease free from bzz agent and I have been loving using these and wanted to recommend them to you if, like me, you have curly frizzy hair.
I was sent four products by bzz agent to try and give an honest review of and these were the unwind curls calming creme, dream curls conditioner, dream curls shampoo and the miraculous recovery creme serum.

I found the calming creme too thick in constitution and it left my hair a little greasy but the other products are amazing.
I can definitely see a difference after shampooing and conditioning with the dream curl products as they leave my hair smooth but still gives my hair beautiful waves so my hair has a bounce without me looking like the lion king. 
The Miraculous recovery creme serum I use during blow drying and it certainly helps my hair as it helps protect my hair from the heat from the hair dryer and also seems to have less knots when I use it and helps my paddle brush glide through my drying hair so it doesn't knot mid dry, like it did with the calming creme.
The products also give my hair noticeably shine and it looks and feels healthier than it has for years.
I would recommend.

I love them so much that when I saw the frizz ease in Asda at three for ten pounds I jumped at the chance to buy more at that price and try their straighter hair frizz ease. A complete steal and I cant wait to use the Smooth start shampoo, Flawlessly Straight Conditioner and the Extra Strength six effects serum.

I also have pre and post pics, but ignore the miserable face.

 Pre frizz ease

Post frizz ease... shinier and more manageable.


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