24 March 2014

Nerdblock jr boys edt. March 2014

So, I have a lot of stashed beauty now so I wanted to try something different so when I saw nerd block in three different versions I realised that filling my house with nerdy goodies really appealed so I signed up to both junior boxes as well as the adult version.

This box cost just under fifteen in uk pounds and I got six items in the box and I really like the selection and Edward was thrilled with his goodies, although some will go in his 'birthday' box, and one item is now his father's item as it was more suited to him.
So what did he get?

The first item he received was a Skylander rubber key ring in a jet-vac design. This was the first thing that Edward latched onto and days later he still loves it and the plastic ball packaging is being played with too.

The next item I received was a Gacha Tomy pull back racer mystery pack. I received donkey kong and Edward really enjoyed this product too.

The next item was another mystery bag and it was a Mega Bloks marvel series 3 figure. It was only small but looks sturdy. 
I received Magneto.

This was the first of the larger items in the boys box and it is Mega Bloks Hot Wheels ripcord launcher! Car. I really like this and will be putting it Edward's gift box for his birthday. I got it in design 91702, which a green design with skulls.

The next item I received was a Star Wars Darth Maul figure made by Hasbro. I gave this to my hubby as it was too old for Edward but hubby seemed to quite like it. It seems well made and I am happy to receive it.

The final item in my box was a Star Wars slap band in a yoda design and it is probably Edward's favourite item in the box and something he loves to wear alongside the one found in my girls jr box. A great durable item that Edward loves to wear.

So, that was my first Nerd block jr box boys. It cost me around fourteen pounds in uk currency after currency exchange and I think I got a lot for the money and it was all durable and good quality.
Can't wait for next month.

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