24 March 2014

Notanotherbill march 2014

My notanotherbill package came last week after nine days in the post. Not a fan of Royal Mail atm and this is one of the main reasons.
I like the packaging this month as the zig zag pattern is really cute.

Inside the cardboard was this pretty bag and I was really excited as the last two were amazing.

I received the Haidee Drew mirror and to be honest I like it but I only signed up for three different types of present and it doesn't fit those and although it is useless to apply mirror I aren't really excited about this. 
I have to admit that I have cancelled as I didn't want homewards and never asked for them but they sent by this. Don't really understand why they ask us to pick three if they send us something not from those three.
It is a nice mirror and useful but I am not in love and sending me something in sections I didn't pick are a big red flag to me so I got out before I got burnt.



  1. Thats cute, is this a subscription service? Never heard of it :)

  2. Notanotherbill.com. It is good. I got a scarf and ring from it and I love them. The mirror is cute.