21 March 2014

Glossybox march 2014 (my last one)

Well, I finally decided to do this review. I received my last glossybox a few days ago via Royal Mail, which I hate, and I have now decided to do this review after brooding for a few days and procrastinating with my other 'projects'.
I have to warn this isn't a good review so if you don't like negative nelly don't read on.

Well, here are my contents for this month and my favourite thing from this box is the box, as it love their sturdy boxes, and the fact that I used my glossydots before I quit their subscription so this was free. 
To be honest I will probably only use one item and that is the bellapierre shimmer powder.
So, what did I receive?

First was a rather scuffed 40ml sample of Mitchell and Peach body cream that smells like old ladies perfume and I will definitely not use. I love floral scents but this really is overpowering.
The sample is worth £8 which is over optimist tbh as I can get a lot better smelling creams at lower prices.

The next product is a 15ml full sized product from Dove and it is the 60 second treatment shot intensive repair and it is for damaged hair. 
This looks okay but it is tiny in comparison to my waist length hair and will probably be too small to make a difference and I am quite happy with my Macadamia deep repair masque so it is rather pointless.
It is worth £1.49.

The next item is possibly the most pointless sample I have ever received in the whole time I have received sample boxes. I am very pale so don't use fake tan so this is useless and anyway giving people 6ml of tan from vita liberata that covers nothing effectively when you gave others a £37.50 serum is highly highly offensive. 
Makes me hate glossybox as some boxes are worth so much less than other boxes. Not fair and I am thoroughly sick of this from Glossybox.

The next product is a full sized pot of sleek makeup polish pout. This was the sneak peek and from that I assumed we were getting a selection of tones per box but instead I got one and to be honest it looks quite cheap.

I received chocolate kiss and it is a horrid colour that makes my lips look muddy and I really can't imagine it suiting anyone. Worth £4.49 so hardly deluxe.

The final product in my box is from bellapierre and it is their shimmer powder in the shade storm which is in pale silver with silver glitter in it that adds a shimmer. It will great in the summer and I actually quite like it but it doesn't make up for this terrible box.
This is worth £12.99.

So, that was my glossybox and as you can tell I was unimpressed, although I was happy I used my dots for it and didn't pay and will be the only box delivered by Royal Mail.
That will be last month and with the last few I am happy to go and would only consider their limited boxes in the future.


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  1. I got the exact same box as you and I also unsubscribed - I e-mailed GB my feedback and pointed out how unfair it was that the box values varied so differently. It's not worth the extra pound they're charging, I think the other beauty box subscriptions are better.

    Lisa xo | lisaandfox.blogspot.co.uk