7 March 2014

Astrid and Miyu secret box March 2014

I am completely in love my astrid & miyu ring that I received in my January notanotherbill package so when I saw that astrid & miyu had a quarterly subscription, their 'secret box', I couldn't resist as I found the ring classic and high quality and much prefer classic jewellery to the costume jewellery in most of the other jewellery subscription services.

So today, the day before my birthday, my first box, the march box, arrived and I am very excited to see what it contains as I looked at previous reviews before purchasing and that excited me even more.

It arrived in a nondescript cardboard box but inside that box is a a beautiful powder blue cardboard box that feels sturdy and really luxurious. Wrapped around the little box is monogrammed tissue paper that is really beautiful.

Opening the box and seeing my products really excited me. I love love love premae skincare so receiving a balm from them as well as a balm from moa makes me happy as I use moa on my son's skin when he gets allergies. 

The little A & M bags are extremely well made as well and give an added air of luxury, as well as some mystery as you can't see your products as soon as you open the box.
The only item I wasn't excited by was the tattoos as I won't use them.

So what did I receive in this box, and what are my thoughts after looking over them in more detail?

The first item in the box is from Premaeskincare and it is their harmony creme balm. 
I had the serum in this scent from my glossybox last year and fell in love with it. 
The lemongrass scent is amazing and having tried it on my hand where I get some dry skin I can definitely say that it softens the skin up really well and leaves behind a scent that makes me want to sigh in contentment, as I love it so much.

Reminds me how good premae products are and how great this vegan allergy free brand is. Might see if I can get hubby to buy me the serum.

The next item in the box is a tiny pot of the moa 100% natural healing balm. I have used this on my son before as I have received a small pot in another box and I promptly last the pot so I am really happy to receive another small pot so I don't have to break out the big pot I have put aside to use as a cleanser balm. 
A great nappy rash cream as well as useful on eczema and skin complaints such as bumps, grazes and bites among other things.
Another great extra.

I have to admit when I first saw I had three rings I was slightly confused and disappointed but after reading the leaflet and realising the theme was stacking I was really happy as I am more likely to wear three rings rather than three necklaces. 
The ultimate evidence of this is that they are all still on my fingers hours after receiving them, even pushing my wishbone ring onto my right hand.

The first item I received in my box is a Floating leaf silver midi ring in pink. This is so beautiful with pink flowers on one side with pure silver leaves on the other.
Being a midi ring it sits between my finger joints on my little finger and looks absolutely amazing. I love anything classic but pink and girly so this is ideal and unlike my wantable accessory box last month suits me perfectly.
This has a value of £24.

The other two items in my box are two variants of the pure delicate one ring in blue and pure. This look great stacked together as they are really simple but look great stacked and even better combined with the other ring.
This costs £29.

This is how they look combined. I think the midi rings look great and are a new thing for me as I have never seen a ring that settles there before. 
This jewellery will be great everyday wear jewellery and I really look forward to wearing them.

So there was my first astrid and miyu secret box. The contents not including the extras were worth £82 which considering the box cost £39, including delivery, is a bargain. More can be found on the secret box here.

Can't wait for the next box in June.


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