7 October 2013

Youbeautydiscovery box October 2013

I was sent an email this week from www.latestinbeauty.com and in it they introduced their sister site and the balance me Ltd edition box. I couldn't justify buying that box but when I saw the monthly box was only £6.95 including delivery I wanted to look at what I would get for that money.

When I first looked I was surprised as you got to pick what two products you wanted from the choices. I chose the tangle teezer compact styler and the Age Defy+ line eraser lip and eye serum.

It arrived in a tiny white box with shredded paper and the products looked so beautiful inside there along with two free October surprises

Also inside was a booklet and a coupon for 20% off nakd products online. The booklet has a red headed beauty on the front and proudly proclaims that this month's products are selected under the heading of 'Handbag Heroes'. Inside the booklets there are details on the eight products that you can choose between this month, as well as the October surprises as well as some promo codes for money off future orders of some of these products.

Tangle teezer gold rush compact styler £11.99 rrp

To be honest this was the product, the tangle teezer, that convinced me to purchase this box. With hair down my back any product that prevent pulling is definitely a great product for me, but I was sceptical it would live up to the claims the inventor makes about this product. However, after using it tonight I have to admit it hasn't pulled on my hair and has left it feeling in good condition. It is very snazzy with a gold top and is practical in a handbag with a guard that is removable over the bristles.

YBD Pocket mirror and a nakd berry delight bar, approx. 80p each

I have quite a few nakd bars in my goody box atm as I finished the paleo diet a few weeks ago but I have never tried this particular bar. It was a nice berry flavour and is a good alternative to a chocolate bar with only 135 kcal a bar and 2g of fibre. Was a definite no worry treat for me and tasted delicious.

A mirror is also a good bonus product and this one is small enough to go in my make up box or will be great to show my son as he loves looking at himself in the mirror.

5ml age defy+ line eraser lip & eye worth approx. £9.47

My second product I selected was an eye and lip age defy+ serum and can be purchased at the green people website for £18.95 for 10ml. You receive a 5ml sample in the box and after this week's serum disaster I am grateful the cute little bottle is a sealed unit with a push down dispenser. The serum itself is quick acting, not strong smelling and not sticky and although I can't yet know the long term effect of it I like that it does tighten the skin from the first application. I also like that it is 95% organic so there isn't as many bad chemicals on my skin, although I can rarely afford organic skincare due to the cost.

My opinion on this box is that at £6.95 it is a steal, especially as the value of the goods if bought on the high street, not including the mirror, is £21.26. The other choices were of a comparable value and it is definitely a box to watch very closely in the future, especially as you are given choice on what products you like so you won't get eye pencils over and over again.

Boxes can be found at www.youbeautydiscovery.co.uk

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