19 October 2013

Nonabox October 2013

I bought the September Box and was unhappy about delivery but this month I unhappy about the box and feeling annoyed I have signed up for another 2 months, purely because it was cheaper and I ended up paying less than twenty pounds a month. Although my son is a little over the maximum age I thought the first box was good and was happy overall but I was on the fence about trying again until I got a promo code and thought I'd try it out again.

The first item was the Cloud B- Sleep sheep on the go. He is cute and the sounds would be nice to fall asleep to. He is as beautiful as the sheep pillow from Cloud B we got from the first box and he provides me with something I wouldn't buy Edward myself and he got an enthusiastic cuddle from my son when he first met him. My only really issue with it is the stability of the sound unit as it is only Velcros in. You buy him here for £22.02

My second item is a singular babycup. It holds only 50ml and in a house when my son drinks a lot I would be up and down constantly to refill it and I can see no real difference between it and any other cups on the market that are a lot cheaper. They say they can be used to cup feed a newborn but I would be reluctant to do that. You can find the Babycups here for £6.66 for 4 but I only got one so it is worth £1.66.

I try to avoid giving Edward biscuits but these taste and look great and Edward loves them so that is great and would be nice as an occasional treat. The Leibniz zoo biscuits are £1 at Waitrose.

I got a pack of water wipes in my last box and they were good but are quite expensive and we rarely use wipes now Edward is almost fully toilet trained. The teas look nice but I have a lot of these samples as well as bought tea so not sure how useful they will be to me.

The water wipes are probably worth 80p per pack so about £1.60 in wipes and tea pig teabags are being sampled everywhere atm so worth is negligible tbh.

These boxes are supposed to fit children up to 2 but with a 2 year listed on my account I am surprised to receive a Pasito A Pasito rattle for him. It would be suitable for a younger child and I will probably give it to someone else or keep it for when we have another a child. It is a nice luxury rattle but is way too young for Edward.
The Pasito A Pasito rattle with bear can bought here for £14.99.

I recieved the Thai curry from Ellas Kitchen. With a full set of teeth we never use baby food but I will probably use this sometime with Edward. I like that it is all natural and I have used their products before, when Edward was younger, and I like their range but I think even an eighteen month old child has grown out of baby food in the most part.

These retails at about £1.89 each.

I like Horns and halos products and use their shampoo and detangler and bath products already so it is nice to try another product in the range. It smells divine and would be great for my two year old that loves having a massage with moisturising cream..

The Halos and horns baby moisturising lotion can be bought for £3.59 here.

Although the contents are worth over £25 this months Nonabox is disappointing as it would be better suited to a year old child and would be too young even for an eighteen month old child. Looking at other peoples boxes has also upset me as they were nicer and had more products in than my box. 

In my opinion, Nonabox really shouldn't advertise that they are suitable for up until two as they aren't really as the products are really for younger children.

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