23 October 2013

Groupon flavourly box deal

My husband's first flavourly box arrived today and the box was a good size and was nice that it came quickly. I used to get Flavourly boxes but had to cancel when I started the paleo diet so I am really happy I can get them again and even happier Groupon had an offer so the box was £6 not £15.

The box once opened was fully filled and it looked very good value for the money I paid.

Kents kitchen Meal kits thai red curry has only natural ingredients and should be quite good. We have previously had their Korma curry and really loved how simple and easy it was to make and how good it tasted.
This retails at £2.30 for the kit at www.kentskitchen.co.uk

Clearly scrumptious simply cranberries are slice dried cranberries that are infused with Apple juice. They count as one of your five a day and would make a good healthy snack instead of chocolate and sweets.
This retails at £18 for 18 30g packs at http://clearlyscrumptious.co.uk/. So sample is worth £1.

Jaz and Juls Drinking Chocolate 'Quite White'. This is packaged in a really cute box and looks luxurious. I like that it has only a few ingredients and I can understand the ingredient list.
This retails at £2.60 for 60g at http://www.jazandjuls.co.uk.

Tea pigs 'Everyday brew' Tea temple is an extra sample given in this box. It is the everyday brew and uses whole leaf only and has Rwandan, Assam and Ceylon teas in it.

Oloves 'Hot Chili Mama' olives has only nine ingredients and they would make a great snack as they are only fifty calories and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
This retails at about £0.65 a pack and more info can be found at www.oloves.com.

Kintaro Wasabi Pumpkin seeds look really snazzy and would be another healthy snack. They are gmail free and have 6g of fibre per hundred grams. They will also give you almost twenty eight grams of protein per hundred grams.
This retails at £3.38 for 2 at www.kintaro.co.uk so sample is worth approx. £1.69.

Portlebay 'Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup' Crunchy Kracklecorn look really nice. We love popcorn in this house and this one looks natural and the flavour is enticing. They are high in fibre and would be a nice change to overly sweet popcorn.
This retails at about 79p for 25g.

My Olive Branch Greek Mezze 'Sun dried tomatoes'  has eight natural I ingredients and can be used in lots of different ways. According to the jar it can be used as a dip, sandwich filler, pasta topping or added to Bruschetta so it should be easy to use and a healthy addition to any pantry.
This retails at £2.99 from http://shop.myolivebranch.co.uk/.

Stoats 'Apricot and Sultana' Porridge Oat Bar has eight ingredients and is one hundred percent natural. it has 370 calories per bar and 5g of fibre per 85g bar.
This retails for £30 for 28 so just over £1 each

Eat 17 Bacon Jam was one of the main reasons I wanted to order this box as I have wanted to try it for a while as I heard good things about it. I look forward to adding this to toast and using it as a relish with main meals.
It retails at £11.96 for 4 for amazon at the current time so £2.99 each.

Naturally righteous Ginger and toasted sesame salad dressing looks like an interesting product. It is one hundred percent vegan and I just hope the ginger isn't overpowering as I went off ginger after consuming a lot when I was pregnant.
It retails at £2.49 at Tesco atm.

All in all great value for the six pound I spent as all in all it is worth a l of more money and has a great selection of mostly natural gourmet foods. Roll on November for our next box.

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