24 October 2013

a lucky week, in some ways, due to Love Me Beauty. Facebook prize pack.

My Love Me Beauty facebook prize pack came today and I am over the moon, especially as we are all ill with gastric flu in our house and anything that will cheer us up definitely helps. I really wanted the headline color nail varnishes as I am trying to grow my nails but I am really happy I won the rest of the products too.

Lustrous locks Vitamin Complex 28 tablets look quite interesting. With hair down to my waist anything that makes it better in appearance or condition is definitely popular with me. Will definitely try these and see if they make any difference after the two weeks supply I have. These cost £15 for 28 tablets from here.

Organic surge gentle cleansing lotion is suitable for sensitive skin and is in an organic rosemary and lemon essential oil scent. It is a good size at 200ml and would last me a fair amount of time. I look forward to using it after my current cleanser has finished. This costs £5.99 for 200ml from here.

Melvita Extra rich hand cream dry hands is a great hand cream that isn't too quick on application and has no real scent to it. After losing my hand cream recently I am ecstatic to have this in my prize box, especially it is mostly, almost 99%, natural. This costs £6 for 30ml from here.

Anatomicals don't clean it woman, scrub it body scrub looks like an interesting product. I rarely use anything that exfoliates and have never really believed there is a benefit of scrubbing but I might use this and see if it makes a difference or regift it. This product has an rrp of £3.50.

Melvita Orange blossom floral water is a great product. With a hundred percent natural origin ingredients and a fresh orange blossom smell it is great to use to refresh and tone your skin. My sample is 28ml but you can get 50ml for £7 here so my sample is worth about £4.

Moa the green balm is a 100% natural healing balm. I had never heard of this product before and initially thought it was lipbalm and was definitely proved wrong when I smelled it. According to their website it can be used on eczema and this probably what I will use it for as I get in my ankles and hands in the winter. You can get it from here.

Organic Surge super-intensive daily moisturiser for dry skin is another natural product and will be useful as I am also after new moisturisers to test. I like that it is for dry skin and it smells divine, perhaps due to the organic rose geranium essential oil. On application it is a rich cream and that means a little goes a long way so the 50ml pot will last a long time. This costs £8.99 for 50ml from here.

Eve of St agnes Body Balm Rose and Mango Butter is in a funky little tub and is a great body balm to apply to dry skin. the scent is pleasant due to the mango butter and it is always great when things don't smell medicinal. You can get this for £6 from here.

Headline Colors Nail varnish in Spotlight and Glamour. I have never used Headline Color nail varnishes before but these are great nail varnishes in silver and gold. Glamour, the gold coloured nail varnish, immediately got my attention when I saw it and as I had nothing on I immediately applied and it looks fab. It dries fast, even after a thick coat and I look forward to using these again. These retail at £9 each from amazon and other stores.

Such a great prize from a great company. They were my best box last month and have ben great every month I have had them so far. For more info on Love Me Beauty click here and my reviews of my September box and October box can also be found on this blog.

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