20 October 2013

More empties... Oxygen, Simple, L'Occitane, BalmBalm, Ila

Been ten days since my last empties but five more products are finished.

Oxygen purifying honey masque
This product was in a previous Lovelula box (when it was Amarya) and I really love it. It was a small sample but lasted three applications. Only has nine ingredients and the second ingredient after water is nelson active manuka honey and it smells amazing for this reason. It was a great masque to use, although it was sticky, obviously, and I would definitely buy as a treat in the future.

Simple soothing facial toner
This was used as my staple toner for weeks and is great for sensitive skin. It caused no reactions and is great around the eyes and doesn't sting. I am now using one of my stored products but would definitely use it again.

L'Occitane Divine Extract
This is supposed to be a must have product and although it was good I preferred the Calm Serum I finished a few weeks ago as it had a better smell and texture. I probably wouldn't buy it but I got it free and for a freebie it was good.

BalmBalm detox bath and shower oil
The product I was saddest to see end. I am in love my BalmBalm Lip balm and this product is another hit in their range. I never fall asleep in the bath and this product with only 5 essential oils as ingredients it was a near miss. A great product and as it will give 2 to 3 baths it is a great alternative to a bath bomb from somewhere like Lush. Will definitely be buying again.

Ila Beyond organic Bath Soak for pure relaxation 
Another bath product and to be honest it doesn't really stick in the mind like the BalmBalm. Wouldn't buy again.

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