10 October 2013

Finished products this week.... s5 skincare, arran aromatics, neal and wolf and matriskin

S5 Calm serum 10ml £9 rrp
Sadly my s5 calm serum was finished this week. To be honest I was extremely excited when Beauteco had this in their August box and when I read the description I was excited and it hasn't disappointed as it has helped to calm my red and sensitive skin. Sad it has finished but can't afford full size at the moment.

Arran Aromatics Lavender Tea tree Reviving Toning Facial Gel wash 100ml £12.95 rrp
I wasn't too sure about this product when I first received it due to it being lavender, which on its own makes me feel unwell and gives me a migraine. Due to this I was incredibly surprised that I enjoyed using it and was upset when it finished. It can be used as both a cleanser and a toner and the loofah inside it is greatly exfoliating and the tea tree smell seems to dilate the lavender smell for me.

Matriskin Collagen Serum MP 7.5ml £24.10 rrp approx.
This product is the central character in my horror of the week. I managed to up end it and was very upset when three quarters of it leaked out as it was a quick drying and non sticky serum that made me skin feel softer and more supple. Its smell was also quite nice but not too strong.

Neal & Wolf Harmony 200ml £13.50 rrp
My last finished product was the Neal and Wolf Harmony conditioner. It has helped me get my hair in better condition and it smells nice too. It is very indulgent thick cream conditioner that is very affordable for such a luxurious product.

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