23 October 2013

Rebel by Mellie George (may contain spoilers)

I love my rock star romances so when Terri Anne Browning suggested this book to her readers I was happy to give it a go, even though it is a new series and author for me. I was happy I did as the book was great.

The book centres around Everleigh and Ryder and shows what happens when two completely different worlds and characters meet.

Ryder Storm Matthews is the tattooed lead singer of Bad Blooded Rebel, a world famous band. He is 27 and spends his life chased by fame hungry groupies and photographers. His band plays hard rock and he lives a life associated with this genre with sex on tap and adoration wherever he goes.

Everleigh Grace Stone is a waitress in Muncie, Indiana, and lives a pure but anonymous life in small town America. A fan of country music she lacks confidence and worries that she is unattractive as she has a few extra pounds than what society deems acceptable. She definitely isn't interested in celebrity or money or tattooed lead singers of heavy rock bands.

Their lives collide when Everleigh's best friend Danni drags her to a Bad Blooded Rebel concert then takes her backstage to meet the band, whom to her sound like all they do is growl, scream and yell when they are on stage.
From the moment the eyes of Everleigh and Ryder connect there is a spark of both recognition and lust between them but all Everleigh wants to do is run from the attraction. Her history with men has been ugly and she definitely doesn't need a man hurting her and making her feel unattractive and unlovable after barely recovering from the last time a man used and abused her three years before.

But all Ryder wants is her and after a thwarted attempt of flirting at the concert he is happy to follow her to her hometown after three months of being unable to think about anything but her. Unfortunately this leads to trouble as her anonymous life is no longer anonymous and her life is soon absorbed by the travelling circus that is his life.

The book ends on a cliffhanger and that just leaves me wanting more from this series and from this great new author. Thankyou Mellie George for a great book and thankyou to Terri anne Browning for pointing this book out. Roll on the next book, Rogue, in this series and I am waiting with anxious anticipation.

More information on Mellie George can be found on her facebook page here.

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  1. I am so very glad that you enjoyed this book! I adore Mellie George.After reading her first 2 books Say Yes and Back to Life I was excited to see a totally different story come from her and wish her all the luck in the world with this new series.