2 October 2013

Fighting a habit... nail biter

I have a confession... I have never had long finger nails. NEVER. For as long as I can remember I have bitten my finger nails and it irritates me no end but since I have been doing it since I was in my crib I have never found a way to stop. Until a few months ago.

Ciate (www.ciate.co.uk) do really pretty nail varnishes and to be honest when I was sent one by glossybox in my summer splash box I wasn't bothered until I saw it on my toes and realised it was a shame my fingernails were so awful.

So nothing happened but a few days ago I realised I didn't want my son to ruin his beautiful nails with the same bad habit. Finally after thirty one year's a few days ago I painted my nails and despite one near attempt last night I haven't bitten my nails.

Nails on the 1st October 2013

These are my nails as of yesterday. They are short but hopefully will grow fast.

Ciate nail varnish 'the glossip'

Hopefully I can kick my habit and I can soon proclaim me a recovering nail biting addict and have beautiful nails for christmas day. Watch this space!

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