2 October 2013

Aramus by Eve Langlais

I just have to say that I love Eve Langlais' books and have read a few of her series and when I initially saw she had a cyborg series I wondered how on earth a cyborg could be a sex symbol but I was wrong. This is the fourth in her Cyborgs: more than machines series, following c791, f814 and b785, and is a great addition and progression on the series.

Aramus is a very grumpy cyborg with little love, sympathy or time for the human race. For a long time he has believed the only good human is a dead human and when he is sent out on a new mission to go to a mysterious location that Seth reveals, before he disappeared, he still holds this belief. Then even after seeing the sad state some humans are left in when brutalised by other humans he doesn't change his mind. He holds no sympathy for any humans until he meets her, Riley, a human scientist, and falls in love.

Riley is a great heroine and the story allows the feelings between her and Aramus to develop at a wonderful speed. The story feels unhurried and the twists and turns to develop their relationship enhance the story until the time which their love sizzles and simmers before boils over so it satisfies the readers need for drama before the HEA.

Another great book from Eve Langlais and I can hardly wait for Seth's book in 2014.

More details about her series can be found at her website eve langlais and I greatly recommend her shifter and alien series.

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