10 October 2013

I think i might be in love with sinful colors nail varnish

Went into Boots today to buy myself a nail file. Might sound mundane to everyone who doesn't know my recent struggles with giving up biting my nails.

I have bitten my nails since I was in my cot and I have now not bitten for over a week and today I went to buy my first ever nail file and had to get a metal one as hubby wanted a computer game and as normal I caved and went without.... boo!

But in compensation I wanted a nail varnish so I looked at the usual suspects... Rimmel, Sally Hanson etc, but realised I would rather wait and buy a Ciate after payday.

But on the way to the checkout I say a display of 'Sinful Colors' and fell in love with 'Love Nails' 282.

This was a great mid blue colour that changes colour in the light when it the bottle and almost glitters in the right light. I was also overjoyed it cost £1.99 and was surrounded by equally beautiful colours.

Sinful Colors 'Love Nails 282'

Application was easy and it is a beautiful colour on my nails and in the light it glitters and sparkles when the light hits it. A great varnish and it will help with my nail biting fight. Thank you Boots and Sinful Colors and after payday I will be buying more.

Sinful colors can be found here for £1.99 and more information on Sinful Colors can be found here.

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