12 October 2013

my weekend ciate nails

After seeing the weekend nails on the Ciate Facebook today I decided to do my own version.  My weekends are hardly party central with a two year old and church on a sunday but I still wanted my nails to look nice as they are finally growing out of the nail beds and I am getting a white line at the top. Boring to some but very exciting to me.

My nails after 10 days of no biting

So following that picture I decided to find a good weekend Ciate nail pick and they are in the picture below:

Snow Virgin meets pecan pie.

I decided to use snow virgin (pp001) as an undercoat and pecan pie (pp095) as a main colour as it is fun but rather conservative and they fit in well as I am waiting for my 'Dark Romance' glossybox to arrive today and they introduced me to Ciate.  

Once applied it is vivid with only one coat of both and is a beautiful chocolate colour.

Both colours can be purchased here.

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