3 October 2013

The problem with a Peppa mad son.

I have to admit that at times it is a lot easier to just put Peppa pig on the television for my son  as it gives me time to do the housework. But, and this is a big but, now there is no escape. October has meant Nick Jr 2 has turned into Nick Jr Peppa and all day is Peppa day and in last three days I have been going slowly insane.

Peppa pig, for those who don't know who she is.

Peppa pig is this generations teletubbies and although they don't have the issue of incorrect speech patterns they have some serious minus points. Poor Miss Rabbit does all the work but seems to get little reward for her efforts, although personally I think she was either cloned or she has a poor work ethic and has been sacked many times. Although it is always fun to try to list her jobs.

Peppa is a brat and her parents really need to take her selfish and rude behaviour in hand. Her friends aren't much better but I have to admit with a little boy and the last name of George that her little brother is a personal favourite. He has helped to enrich my son's life with an interest in dinosaurs and to the creators I am grateful, however, it is regrettable the same has happened to my fourth two year old husband and now he wants to buy Dinosaur Lego. He pretends this is for my son but he needs to face the truth that he is just a big kid really.

However, I can deal with those things if the songs weren't so memorable and didn't stick in my head so much. I am even more irritated that I have been known to sing the Bing bong song, the song of harmony or the north star song in church or walking around asda. To anyone who has heard me I apologise.

Though, after constructing this rant I really wonder if I really quite enjoy it really or think things through too much.

This is a personal opinion.

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