8 October 2013

Lovelula box October 2013

My lovelula box arrived this morning and the distinctive definitely cheered me up after waking up before 6am. I was hoping it would come today as it is dispatched on the seventh of the month and I wasn't disappointed. This box is monthly from www.lovelula.com and costs £12.50 including postage and packing and contains natural and organic products.

It was packed nicely in the custom box with shredded paper and I was rather excited as so far this company hasn't let me down.

Unpacking it I have to admit I was disappointed only one product was full sized and the rest were one use samples. Foil samples are annoying to me as they are rather messy and even if they can be used more than once they can't be easily reviewed and it is unlikely I will ever buy after this size sample.

Mendill organic wipe, 20 for £10, one worth approx. 50p

The first product this month was an organic wipe from Mendill. Sadly I got the lavender one and as the smell makes me get a headache I used with caution. The wipe was fine and it was useful and did all it was supposed to do but with a toddler I have these sort of wipes anyhow. I just wish I had got one of the citrus wipes as perhaps it would have smelt better to me. Also, not sure if it was the lavender or my sensitive skin, but there was a slight sting.

Santaverde light aloe Vera cream 2ml sample.. 30ml for £28 so £1.87

The second product was light Aloe Vera cream from Santaverde and was a 2ml foil sample. It smelt nice and was soothing on my skin after my daily park visit with my son but tbh it was very hard to make a judgement call on a product from the small sample. Overall my verdict was that it was a nice smelling with a nice texture and soothing properties.

Would be great on summer sunburn, although I hope I don't get sunburnt again like last year.

Lavera beauty balm rrp approx. £17.90

The only full sized product this month is the lavera beauty balm. With extremely pale skin it is extremely hard to find tinted products that don't make my skin look orange. I tried this beauty balm on my hand and even in the sun it looked realistic and my skin looked a lot healthier than my non beauty balmed skin. It was nicely moisturising and gave a healthy glow.

Dr Hauschka Melissa day cream 1.5ml worth approx. £1.25

My last foil sample was Dr Hauschka Melissa day cream. This cream is absolutely divine as it was a beautifully smelling, like lemon mousse, light cream that melted into my skin in an amazing way. I would definitely buy in the future.

All in all a good box but would have liked more full sized products or larger samples. The contents were worth approx. £22.52 so worth the money.

Looking forward to next month's offerings.

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