17 October 2013

Birchbox October 2013 'Beauty Buzz'

Standard box, but tends to be a box that makes me happy
I just hope birchbox is as good as normal.

Funky Leaflets and useful bag
They have changed the format of the information in the boxes to cards from a magazine and they are really pretty and look funky and up to date.

my seven item birchbox (1 more than normal)
The subject of this month's box is 'Beauty Buzz' and it is much looks much closer to brief than Glossybox's 'Dark Romance'. I was really happy to see my products and they all look expensive and on trend with seven types of product with the normal being six.

Egyptian magic 3 x 3g foil sachets approx. worth £2.21
Egyptian magic all purpose skin cream is exactly what it says in its name. It is a cult healing cream with only six ingredients.
I have tried a lot of creams in the last few months and this has the strangest scent and texture I have seen in a cream. With only five ingredients I like that it is natural but the texture and scent mean I probably would buy it and after stealing the contents of a hive I would steer clear of bees. But on the good side I think it would be a good overnight moisturiser for the body as it sank into the skin quickly. Probably wouldn't buy again though.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Nude 14.7ml worth approx. £9.70
Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser is a high quality cream offering a light weight formula to add a healthy glow as well as have an SPF of twenty five and a blend of vitamins that contain antioxidants.
This is a great moisturiser and even for skin as mine it is a light enough shade to be acceptable. It would be great in the summer sun and on cloudless winter days as it has an SPF of twenty five so I would be less likely to get the terrible sunburn I got earlier this year again.

Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips 3ml worth approx. £2.30
Dr Lipp nipple balm for lips is a lip cream that hydrates and repairs dry flaky skin on your lips by sealing in moisture.
I am not really a fan of this and this is my third sample of this. It is really thick and a bit too like Vaseline for my taste. Would be great for the original purpose though and I will stick with my balmbalm lip balm.
theBalm cosmetics Stainiac Beauty Queen 1.2ml worth approx. £1.41
This is a two in one cheek and lip stain that gives a natural finish.
This will be used by me as a coloured lip balm and is a nice colour and is a lot more muted than the one that Glossybox had in it this month. I also think that despite the glossybox MeMeMe product being full sized it looks cheap compared to the Stainiac. Would definitely buy the full sized product.

Akane Mask Cocoon Nocturne 12ml worth approx. £7.20
This is a fresh Apple scented gel mask to help beat signs of tiredness and to hydrate thirsty skin.
Another product with a strange smell and texture. It looks a bit like a very thick moussy jelly  and the smell is rather overpowering. I have tried it on my hand and will use it as my night cream when my Nivea night cream runs out.

Ultra Dex Wire Free Interdental Brushes 30 brushes worth £5.49
These are wire free interdental brushes from ultraDex that gently yet effectively clean between teeth by removing plaque and debris.
I quite like dental hygiene products and this is the first one I have been offered. They worked well and anything that doesn't taste medicinal is great. Not sure if I would buy again though as I have very small gaps and it is difficult to get anything between them. Problem with a small jaw and not enough room for teeth.

KMS California Curl it up Wave Foam Mousse 75ml worth approx.  £5.62
This is a wave enhancing mousse that encourages curls while protecting hair from heat.
This mousse would be great if I used mousse. I don't tend to use products in my hair as I don't like sticky products and most products are sticky. This one is no different but it does give waves and tbh I might use it if I was going out somewhere I wanted my hair more stylish. I also like that it smells nice and not too chemical.

All in all the products are worth a lot more than the box and their approx. rrp would be £33.93. This is a great box and much better than my Lovelula and Glossyboxes this month. My advice would be go and sign up and enjoy the high quality good value products this company offers.

More information can be found here and if you use my referral code we both get £5 of points in their online shop. My code is:


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