25 October 2013

My ciate advent calender came today. Yay!!!!

I was perplexed when two parcels came to my door today and although one was my expected Nonabox the other was rather unexpected as I didn't know my ciate nail varnish advent calender was going to arrive today.

The advent calender looks so nice and I am surprised by how luxurious it looks and how heavy it is.

According to the back, in the box there is the following colours:
Snow globe, boudoir, Ferris wheel, hopscotch, sugar plum, fit for a queen, kiss chase, amazing Grace, pepperminty, encore!, party shoes, confetti, members only, play date, ivory queen, locket, pillow fight, speed coat, underwear, caviar pearls frost yourself, caviar pearls Christmas tree, glitter jingle belle, sequins miss mistletoe and a secret full size paint pot exclusive to mini mani month.

You also get a funnel.

I say roll on advent now as I want to celebrate twenty four days with nail varnish.

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