5 October 2013

Her lucky love by Carrie Ann Ryan.

Original release date: 2nd March 2013

This is the fourth Holiday, Montana book and centres around Allison 'Ally' Malone and Brayden Cooper. Ally works as a waitress in the diner and Brayden is the town mechanic. They are previous been seen in previous books skirting around their feelings for each other.

It provides good continuation of the story arc and provides continued contact with his family and her adorable children as well as introducing more new character types to this series: previous types including ghosts, witches and elves.

Lacy, Cam and Aiden are the real centre of this book. Their need for a father and his need to be father to them are the true narrative of this tale. He needs to protect, love and cherish these children and they need a father that will be good enough for them as their biological father was an abusive bully and they have none of his overbearing nature in them but seem like accurate portrayals of children brought up in stable and loving homes. Brayden further stabilises their family, especially for Aiden, the oldest child who has had to stand in as the man of the house despite being only 12 years old.

The sex scenes, as normal to this author, are sweet but sizzling and the chemistry is tangible. They provide a great juxtaposition to both the scenes of normal family life as well as the dramatic scenes within the story and the sweet tender moments between the central characters.

The HEA was satisfying and showed the true depths of a mother's love and how lucky Brayden really is. By the end of this tale both Brayden and Ally can finally see what has been apparent in the books before this one: They are meant to be together as a formed family.

I have admit I love this author's books. Carrie Ann Ryan was the second paranormal romance author I ever read. After discovering her books last April by finding 'An alpha's path' I have read most of her published works so far, the only exceptions being this book and Dreams of Ivory, the book that follows this one in the series. I have to admit that out of her three current series this is my least favourite series but that is only because the other two series are so great. Dante's circle introduced me to angel para romance and Redwood Pack introduced me to wolf shifter romance.

All in all a great book that I would recommend from a great author.

Carrie ann Ryan's books can be discovered at her site here.

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