24 October 2013

Unmentionably Cheeky October 2013

Lovely purple paper

Unmentionably cheeky is probably one of my favourite monthly boxes and it costs me less than 9 pounds a month to get three pairs of 95% cotton knickers including shipping from the USA.

October selection 

This is my selection this month in a large size. It is a nice selection and they are a good quality, even if they are under a tenner for three pairs.

Black with lacy trims

I haven't included an individual picture of the purple as it was same design as the black panties and these are sexy and flirty. I love the lacy trim and it doesn't tend to snag or tear in the washer or dryer and they tend to shrink so they still fit even after multiple washes. They are really comfortable and I feel cheeky when I wear these and my hubby approves.

Plain blue with Love with a heart in diamontes

These are rather more utilitarian but I really like them. The stones seem stuck on well and they are a rather pretty pale blue. Great for everyday wear and really comfy.

This is a really great selection from a great box.

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  1. Cute!! I like your pairs even better than what I received!!! :) Here's mine if you want to see. lol