14 October 2013

Glossybox October 2013

After a disappointing box last month I am really hoping that this box, with the theme of dark romance is better.

Last month was 'the London edition' filled with mainly non British products. The perfume was fit for an old lady, the eye lashes useless when I have little sight without glasses, the nipple balm a pathetic size and they sent yet another eye liner, the third in three boxes. The only useful product was the hair serum. All in all a terrible box. I just hope this one is better, especially as I bought a subscription that won't run out until the new year and had a Lovelula box I didn't enjoy, due to too many foil samples, so cancelled my Lovelula subscription this week.

I love the nails and lipstick on this picture and I have wore a very similar nail colour this weekend that was made by Ciate. This is a great colour palette for my pale skin.

The box was very light this month and did look very empty but I reserve judgement until I try the products.

Impress press-on manicure 58261 £5.99 on Amazon
This product is one month late for me. I gave up biting my nails a few weeks ago and at the moment they are growing best when not covered in anything, even nail varnish. These would look great for a party but would hardly be practical for a mother of a toddler. quite happy I got these instead of the foil samples some other people got though so I was lucky. Would be a good product to gift or giveaway.

MeMeMe Cherub's Blush cheek and lip tint 12ml £5.50 on Amazon.
Only product that is in the theme. The colour was nice against my extremely pale skin as with three coatings it was a berry red but tbh I wish it didn't taste so terrible. Also after painting my nails so often over the last few weeks I found it hard not to find it odd I was using the same applicator for my lips. Also looks even better coated in my trusty Balm Balm lip balm.

Killer Queen sample 1.5ml. Cost negligible as can get from perfume counters.
I do like this sample of perfume BUT I got this in last months miss glossybox box so in my opinion it was cheeky to give it me in the next box I got from them. I do however think the Katy Perry name carries a rather genric perfume and prefer something a little more original.

MONU illuminating primer spf15 20ml £24.95 for 50ml so approx. £10
This is a good product that feels good on the skin but feels a bit thick in application. It has an SPf on 15 which is great when you are as pale as I am, especially after burning pretty badly last summer and it is anti-ageing, which I also look for in a product as wrinkles are starting to emerge at the age of 31. The packaging also looks luxurious and 20ml is a fair sample for this type of product. I would definitely use this as a moisturiser as it did make me skin softer and brighter.

Premae Harmony moisturising smoothie serum 20ml £22.50 for 50ml so approx. £9
I really like serums and was really upset when I finished the S5 calm serum then upended my Matriskin serum this last week. Serums are always great as a little goes a long way and this product is no different. The smell reminds me of 'Lush' and I can definitely smell the coconut and lemongrass in this product and it smells good enough to eat. I like that it is allergen free too and the ingredient list is mostly natural and the top two ingredients after water are Light Coconut oil and Lemongrass oil, hence the lovely smell. But on the downside the packaging looks a bit cheap for a luxury product.
Would I buy the full sized product? Possibly.

All in all a good box for me. I like 3 out of 5 and if I hadn't stopped biting my nails and got the perfume last month I would have liked 5 out of 5. Well done Glossybox as it is better than last month and the contents were worth approximately £30.49.

 Glossybox is a sampling box for beauty treats. it cost £10 plus p and p each month and more details can be found here.

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