9 May 2015

Youbeauty discovery may 2015

Despite my whinge about the quick sell outs this month I did manage to secure a couple of items from the menu of youbeauty discovery this month as well as two extras.
This is my box for May 2015.

The first item in my box is an extra and it is a sample of Jimmy Choo Man eau de toilette.
This is an odd extra in a box which will be bought predominantly by women for their own use but I am guessing that most people will pass it on to male member of their family or household.
I don't think I will be wearing it though but will give it to Paul to wear.

The second item in my box this month is the 100% natural vegetable fibre face cloth from TheKonjacSpongeCo.
This is shaped in a vague angel shape (mine seems to be divebombing) and the packaging says that it is kinder to the skin than a standard muslin cloth.
According to the write up on the back it can be used with or without cleanser for daily cleansing or to remove face masks, hot cleansers and waterproof makeup.
I may well use this on beany though, as a flannel, as it is supposed to be suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.
This has a rrp of £11.99 and although I wouldn't pay that it will be nice to use on Edward and see what it is like.

The second item I selected this month is by the body shop and is the Wild Argan Oil Miracle solid oil for body and hair.
According to the packaging this is an extra rich moisturiser for extra dry skin and hair. 

On inspection the first two ingredients in the product read as Hydrogenated Coconut Oil and Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, which is a chemical derived from coconut oil and glycerine and is a fatty acid. 
The next seven ingredients are a mix of wax and oils and chemicals too making the tenth argan oil, after perfum, making this a product with very little argan oil in which is surprising.

I will try it on my hair though but to be honest I much prefer the products such as the Macadamia Hair Masques on my hair as I prefer the texture as this product looks rather too greasy or I prefer usingthe oil sprays while styling but I will try it on my hair and see what it is like but I am probably not going to buy it again especially after spotting palm oil in the ingredients list.
But lets call a spade a spade this is a hair/face/body oil that has less argan oil than perfum in it.
This has a price of £8 on the body shop website.

The finally item in the box is an extra which is a 4ml sample of the dr organic snail gel. I wanted the large one as an item in my box but at least with this sample I get to try it out.
I have used Korean snail gels before and to be honest this seems like a western copy of those products.
It is very expensive for a snail gel at full sized though so would stick to the korean ones.

So, there is my box and to be honest I am not quite sure how I feel about it after assessing the ingredients in the argan oil product from The body shop.
I still like the angel cloth but these extras this month are so so and although the items are worth more than £6.95 nothing excites me.


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