11 May 2015

Pinkparcel May 2015

Pinkparcel is a monthly period box that contains beauty products and a couple of food/drink samples as well as tampons or sanitary towels.
It is a good box in general but, unlike me, it is late most months and that is increasingly frustrating that for two out of three months it has been days late.
Having to go out and get my own supplies really negates the reasoning behind getting this box.
But, enough of that, here is what I got as extras in my box this month.

The first item is a sheet mask from anatomicals called the botanical hydrating rose face mask.
I have used sheet masks for over a year now and have only tried a couple of western ones, rather than loads of Korean sheet masks, and have found that they aren't as good in my limited experience. 
But I am happy to try this mask and see what it is like.
Anatomicals as a brand are a bit hit and miss for me but I like rose products so that is another plus.
I may well use and review this in the next week or so.

Sadly I won't be drinking this drinking fudge as I am trying to cut out added sugar products from my diet to feel less lathargic. But having tried their fudge in the past I am pretty sure that it would be delicious.
This will go to Paul to drink.

The next item is a Richard Ward Couture hair wheat nutrient masque. This is a thick hair masque that has a thick and creamy texture. It would perhaps have two or three applications for me as it is only 75ml and I have a lot of hair. But it is a nice thing to try.

This is a rather confusing item as I can understand having a candle in here but not this Flamingo Candles Green Apple Scent Melt. 
The fragrance is very strong and almost floral and I like it but I don't use wax melts and I know that some other people aren't going to use them either as they don't have wax melters.

Next is the chocolate for this month which is a Montezuma's butterscotch bar which I have given to Paul as I am trying to be better with my diet and not eat products with added sugar as it just makes me crabby and makes my PCOS worse.
But these tend to be nice little bars so I hope Paul enjoys it.

The final item is the one that most excites me in this box  as it is a L'Occitane Immortelle Essential Water. I assume from the name it is a toning/cleansing water and this excites me in an odd way as I am a bit of a micellar water obsessive.
But, odd as it sounds, this brand also feels comforting to me as it reminds me of my grandma who died in 2012 and who I miss very much.
This was a brand she used so I associate it with her and she was the most stylish woman I had ever met, even in her 70s or 80s.
So, I can't wait to try it and the 50ml sample is large enough to use for a few times.

So, there is my pinkparcel for May and for me it is a little bit of a mxied bag as I won't drink the drink and Paul has stole the chocolate bar but other than that I will use the mask, the essential water and the hair mask but not the wax melt.
It's an okay box but it's second in a row to be late.
More info on this box can be found here.

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