3 May 2015

Skinfood Honeypot honey lipbalm

I will admit that I am a cute korean product addict and anyone seeing my Instagram would probably agree.
a cute honeypot with a functional yet sweet looking stirrer adds to the luxe effect of this product.

So, when I saw these honeypot lipbalms on testerkorea I just had to have one.
These are shaped like honeypots with tiny wooden stirrers that are used to apply the product, negating a sticky finger effect after use.

A soft, luxurious liquid texture on the lips.

The product has no taste and only a slightly fruity scent to me but it feels amazingly decadent on the lips.
It has a honey like texture that is easily applied with the stirrer and leaves my lips soft and moisturised.

It has a low price point of 5,200 won (about £3.50 ish) and a little goes a long way so it is really good value.

More info on it can be found here. Although the postage on testerkorea can be restrictive to purchasing if you are buying only a few items if you are ordering anyhow it is a great extra item to add as it is low priced with a low weight.

A great lip balm and will buy the other variants in the future.


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