21 May 2015

Anatomicals botanical hydrating rose face mask

Whenever I get ill or I am overun with tasks my skin tends to suffer as I don't do the long skincare routine that I normally do.
So I have been trying to get my skin back to tip top condition and using masks and this will be the second mask I will review.

I have to say that the first thing that hit me when I used this mask is that it is a nightmare to open but it has nice colourful packaging.
Then immediately after that the next thing is that the ingredient list reads very chemical though as after water the next five ingredients are glycerin, betaine, pathenol, ammoium Acroloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer and Phenoxyethanol. Rose extract is the thirteenth of sixteen (if my counting is correct) ingredients.
Seeing so many chemical ingredients does make me worry about allergic reactions to be honest and it does irritate me a little that they promote that it contains rose extract when it is so low down the list.
It does have a nice scent of roses though.

The mask is made of quite thin cloth but it has lots of essence and has a lovely natural rose scent rather than being too synthetic in terms of scent.

The mask is large on my face and doesn't line up perfectly with my small face but it is nice and cooling on the skin.
It doesn't slip and slide though like some masks do and the scent doesn't disappear quickly, so if like me you like rose scents it's a good thing that the smell stays.  

After a minutes of use it dries out on the face and after it dried it felt tingly on my skin and on removal very little of the essence remained and my face felt sticky to the touch.

After use my skin doesn't feel hydrated especially and for me this mask isn't anything special and isn't as effective as the Korean hydrogel masks I have used in the past like those from Sally's box or even the mememasks.
I also much prefer the Korean cloth masks and will carrry on using those rather than buying ones from the anatomicals brand.
Very much a so so product.


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