25 May 2015

Popinabox May 2015

Popinabox is a monthly pop vinyl subscription service where you receive upto 6 mystery pop vinyls a months and you can hate a pop and never recieve it so it is slightly customised.

I have to admit that this month I am really less than impressed with my popinabox sub as I paid on the 1st and recieved it on the 23rd.
After seeing that other people received their pops a week or more ago and they were Marvel I got excited but instead mine stayed on packing for so much longer and then I received mine and to be honest I am not too sure how I feel about these two.

This month I have received Bender from Futuruma and BMO from adventure time. Both are fine and they aren't on my hate list but meh at the selection and the long delivery time.

I'm not really overwhelmed with excitement about this months selection to be honest, as you can see, and have reduced don to one pop for the time being.
I think that eventually I will quit this sub too.


More info on pop in a box can be found here.

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