19 May 2015

Okashiconnection May 2015

I fell off the no added sugar/healthy eating wagon quite significantly and this was the box that caused it.
Okashiconnection is a japanese snack box which includes both savoury and sweet snacks and generally includes both well known snacks, such as Pocky, as well as ones that are harder to get in this country/ out of Japan in general.

Oyatsu kids pack
This month once again had some great products and the first product to disappear was the kids selection bag. Edward claimed this as soon as he saw it and had a lovely time eating both the sweet and savoury contents.
The only item I ate from this bag was a boiled sweet as Edward doesn't tend to eat them as he doesn't enjoy hard sweets but other than that he happily ate the rest.

Peanut pocky (Glico)
I thought that I would enjoy these Pocky as in general I love them and love peanut butter and expected these to be peanut butter like but I don't really like them as they are a little bland tbh.

Lemon sour paper (Yaokin)
I love sour sweets and hoped this was going to be sour as some of the Japanese sweets are but it wasn't really. Rather like a lot of UK sour sweets. But maybe I just have no tastebuds and that is why I like extremely sour sweets.

Strawberry/green tea wafer bars (Furuta)
These wafers were okay and I enjoy the strawberry one but the macha doesn't really wow me as I am not a huge macha fan in general anyhow. So, I am probably not the best person to judge.

Disney Elise Blueberry & Yogurt (bourbon)
These wafer straws were ate in quick succession as these were so yummy. I am just glad there wasn't more as I couldn't stop eating them until they were all gone.
These are the sort of snack to slay my self control.

Veggie Taberu chips (calbee)
Vegetable crisps always do well in my house and these are delicious as they are light and full of flavour.

Aji Curry
There seems to be a lot of curry crisps in these boxes and although I like crisps I am not too sure of these.
Although on tasting, these have an authetic curry taste and I really like them.

Choco Shimi Corn Sea Animal Crackers (ginbis)
These are too yummy for words. These are a chocolate biscuit that are shaped like different animals with chocolate coating one side.

Bin Ramune
This is an icecream cone (shaped like a soda bottle) with what looks like sugar inside. Edward stole and consumed this fast and quite enjoyed it even if the sugar did go on his hands. The sugar is yummy too.

So, there is my Okashiconnection box for May and it will be my last one for a while as it is easier not to temptation in my house as it is there I find it hard to resist.
I have to admit I love these boxes though and are well worth the money for the sourcing and variety of hard to find Japanese products which they contain.
More info on the box can be found here.


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