6 May 2015

Wednesday whine: Youbeauty discovery sell out fast again...

I have been a member of youbeauty discovery box on and off since the second box and only gave up getting them when the offerings became a little too 'samey' for my liking.
The other reason behind my exit was that they moved the time that they were releasing their menus.
They used to release them at midnight and have now moved it to 7am.

Apparantly this move was to stop things selling out fast but from what I can deduce all that is has done is move the sell out under a faster period of time and made it so the system locks down at 7am and is often slow and sluggish for at least fifteen minutes.
Hardly their aim tbh.

Don't get me wrong, I like the box but lets call a spade a spade.
Some months the boxes are still selling out fast. the reason for the move was more to do with people complaining about the late night start and although there was that late start most products were still there by noon on the first back then.
But now, that isn't the case anymore as by ten am on the first this month  two of ten were gone and at midday on the 2nd May 4 items were sold out.
First to fall this month was the snail gel and the too faced mascara and, cynic that I am, I am wondering if it is a slight ploy to offer only a few to tempt some to buy the almost £20 box.
It just makes me wonder tbh.

As for the box this month, all that is left now is the Body shop argan oil miracle oil (which I have ordered as I think it will be great in my hair and is worth more than the £6.95 cost of the box), a selection with two 3ml la roche-posay samples and two Josh Wood blending samples (worth a fair amount but tbh I am losing the fight to keep my greys from breeding at the moment and past caring).

Sorry for such a negative post but I really don't get the move if the sell outs are so fast... although maybe I should have get up before ten on days Paul has beany.
Perhaps my laziness on the wrong day then getting up twice in the night is more behind this snit than anything else.
But on a better note at least whatever you get for your £6.95 is always worth it so maybe I just need to take a chill pill.

Hope you are having a good day and next month is better with not so many repeats and not so fast sell outs.
As for now I wouldn't sign up unless you really want one of the items that are left.


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