22 May 2015

Family friday: I am a handwash addict

Time for another confession I suppose.
I have to admit that it is odd but whenever I see sweet/candy/soft drink scented hand washes I cannot help but buy them.
Although it is an odd I love that the handwashes are getting funky and I hope the trend will continue.

This obsession is a recent development and that is due to me finding that Cussons have created a sweet inspired hand wash line. The larger two at the front, fruit salad and jelly beans, were the two that started the madness.
The other front one is a superdrug own brand which was on sale and is strawberry scent but the cussons ones at the back are where the madness really took over.
These are in strawberry laces, bubblegum and cola bottles and all are true to the scents of the original sweets and even better after ashing your hands the scents remain.
These are also antibacterial and aren't drying so great for both little and big hands.
 I just wish I could find the chocolate orange one though.

These are currently available at Asda, for the strawberry laces, cola bottles and bubble gum editions, for 87p and the large ones may be available in shops like poundstretcher and poundworld as I think that they are  mainly in pound shops.
Great hand washes and would love for them to extend the range.


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