18 May 2015

Kawaii monthly April 2015

Another non beauty box but I really like these Kawaii boxes. This one is called Kawaii monthly and is from the people at Oyatsucafe (who also run the snack box called Oyatsubox) and it is quite different from my kawaii box as you will see below, but I suppose that adds to the benefits of keeping both.
Here are the contents of my April box:

This is a Japanese capsule toy (gachapon) and I received what looks like a goose. This really is a cute goose and has sadly disappeared as Edward stole it.
I guess he thought it was cute too.

Next is this Sebon star item. This hexagonal box contains a small chocolate bar as well as a small piece of jewellery with a charm. This will probably be given to Edward as he will probably like it.

Next are the Cherry Coco sticky notes and these are going to really useful and are a lot more 'individual' than using a boring old post it note.

This item was packaged in a small paper envelope and is a Usavich screen cleaner. 
This is a bunny slipper where you insert you finger and then use the microfibre side to clean your phone/tablet/monitor screen.
Worked well on my ipad.

These pencils are definitely freaky rather than cute. These are pencils with a small charm on the end and we received 6 in this pack.
Scary mascot on them though so not sure how much I will use them.

The final item are theseSumikko Gurashi stickers and these add to other ones that I have that are very similar. 
These are from Sanrio Japan and are an officially licansed item with 27 stickers in this pack.

As you can see this is a different type of Kawaii than kawaii box but I like both and will keep both.
Roll on next month.
More info on this box can be found here.


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