5 May 2015


There are times when modern technology really is a distraction and for me that generally is when I am supposed to be writing or blogging and my apps are way too tempting for me to do anything productive, especially the task that I am trying to make progress on.
Unfortunately there are some regular offenders on my tablet and some stores I can't help but browse on and since they corrupt me I cannot help but corrupt others by showing other people my favourite time drains.

My favourite apple apps to steal my blogging/writing time:


my DomiNations town
This app is a town building and war game similar to civisations where you build a town then take your army to attack other people's towns while other people attack yours.
This is my biggest time drain at the moment and I find that it is strangely addictive to build my city, and to my shame, attack other people's cities.
I love games like this and this one is one of the worst I have found as there is always something for me to do and winning the battles is kind of addictive.
Sadly I also recommended it to my dear darling husband who seems to be having the same issue as me.

Transport Empire

transport orientated town building game

This one is hubby's favourite app and I had removed it from my tablet but have just reuploaded it.
This is a city building game that revolves around making and transporting materials to make money to make your town larger. 
Great as a fill in game when I am building up an army on DomiNations.

Here be monsters

a long term game for me first on facebook then ipad
One of the more interesting of my app games.
This is a task based game that has no PVP and has you competing ever more elaborate and far fetched quests all over the world.
It has had an added bonus of improving my geography and I never really bore of it as the quests are always different and you end up making more and more elaborate traps, buildings and items.
A very interesting game that has taught me more about geography than I was taught at school.

Kindle app

Ever since Edward was a few months old I have been obsessed with ebooks and my appetite for books has been unending.
I have times when I read a lot and times when I read little (usual during campnanos and nanowrimo) but it is always hard to resist my kindle app for too long.
I read most types of romance books but I seem to prefer shifter and paranormal books since reading Lothaire a few years ago and after finding lots of independent authors that specialise in this genre that I enjoy.
Always a great way to procrastinate in my opinion.


I am definitely not alone in this one. 
I spend way too much time on here watching old documentaries or trash tv or beauty blogger videos.
Between this and Netflix episodes of My Hero and bbc iplayer episodes of  'Back in time for dinner' I need to be more focused instead of getting distracted way way way too easy.

Shops and websites that I waste time on:


I have a subscription with popinabox which I change between one and four popvinyl figures depending on my mood but for me the real time drain is their store where you can order pops and their collection tool which shows both retired and current pop vinyls, rides, mini pops! etc.

I like to look at the different ones that have been made in the past as well as the new ones to order and really need a restraining order as my bank account feels pain when I spend too much on that site.
Sadly there are way too many cute or superhero ones for me to be safe looking on that site and always new ones to discover.


I blame Memebox for this Korean cosmetic obsession and I also blame the fact that Beautynetkorea have free postage so I can buy small items easily and often use them for Tonymoly items faster than testerkorea.
Always an interesting place to browse and to buy smaller order or heavier items like toners, especially the secretkey toners.


Another korean shop but this one has a wider selection of items so it is even easier for me to waste time browsing on this site.
I do this by putting things into my wishlist and looking at what is new in the shop and what is on sale and even on their handbag area as well as in food and all the other assorted items that they stock.
It is way too easy to lose track of time on a site that has the widest variety of cute korean products I have seen so far.

So, there are my ways to waste time doing things I really shouldn't be doing.
Although, my hubby also believes this post is an equally good way to procrastinate instead of doing editing.

What's your best way to waste time on the internet or on your tablet/phone?


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