20 May 2015

Premae extraction face masque

I received this in my premae box this month and really wanted to try it as I love clay masks and this is a lower price than my hg, glam glow supermud, and I also wanted to see if I wanted to get another before my sub runs out.

The first four ingredients seem to be beneficial to the skin and these are:
Water, which will help hydrate the skin.
Aloe vera leaf extract, which will soothe tired, sore and/or sensitive skin.
Kaolin, which will extract oil and dirt from the pores while the mask dries.
Cocoa seed butter, which will moisturise the skin.

Due to the high water content as well as the high levels of aloe Vera leaf extract this is quite a soft textured mask and it is easy to apply on the face and feels more like applying a cream to the face rather than one of the stiffer clay masks.

A little goes a long way with this mask due to the soft texture and on the face it does not make the skin feel extremely tight like some clay masks although as it dries it is tightening but as well as that has a lovely soothing and cooling effect, due to the aloe Vera. 

After some minutes though it does dry firmer as it needs to in order to extract any oil from the pores as well as any dirt so that you get a deep clean of your pores.

As you can see on drying the mask highlights all the pores showing that it is focusing on them to extract anything causing issues with your skin.
On drying it also feels powder soft on the skin.

Once washed off it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and my skin doesn't feel like it has been stripped like some other masks may and I reaally liked the mask and I am really glad a little goes a long way as it means I get more uses per pot so it is very economical to use.
A great mask.


More info on the mask can be found here

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