12 May 2015

Kawaii box April 2015

Another day, another box and today it is my Kawaii box for April. Kawaii box is a box from Singapore that contains all things cute (Kawaii means cute in Japanese).
It costs $18.90 US (approx £13 atm) and is great value for the amount you get.
Here are the contents this month.

The first item is a little green cat plushie that can be used as a handbag charm if you use the chain attached to it. It is about two and a half inches tall and feels like it has soft shortpile plush.
So cute and a great addition to my collection.

The next item is a rillakkuma shaped notepad that contains pink pages and is ever so cute. Perfect for blog ideas or writing notes.

The next item is a kawaii sheep pencil case by sepovica. It is in a turquoise colour and I really like it as the blue sheep is just like a plush I have.

There are a sheet of cushioned stickers in this box. 
These are the 'love rabbit' stickers by Eaki and will look great as accessories on whatever you want them on. They are mainly rabbits but some look like cats and dogs too.
Very kawaii.

This is the food item for this month and these are Glico Collon (odd name and a little too close to colon for me) and these look like they may be Macha flavour. These look interesting but atm I am trying not to eat anything with added sugar so will not be partaking personally.

I have to admit I see glitter sets like these and I despair, especially as Edward spotted this set. This is just a glitter disaster waiting to happen when you have a three year old who loves crafts. Sigh.

Next is a squishy and this is a bag/ phone charm paw squishy. It would be great for stress relief and will be a great addition to my squishy collection.

I love hair accessories and this yellow and pink polkadot bow will definitely be used and is a nice addition to a box that has primarily female customers. This is also great as it will great in both short or long hair.

Jewelry Seal Cell Phone Stickers are the next item and this look like strings of pearls and I may use these on my Ipad.

The box also contains a pen with a flying pony (rather like a My Little Pony) clip. Will use that with my rilakkuma pad I think.

The final item is a tiny macaron pot and it would be great for beads or things like that or even washed out it would be great to decant moisturiser into if going away for a day or two.

There is my kawaii box for April and it is great value and again and I am so glad I have signed up for another three month sub.
Roll on May box.


More info on this box can be found here.

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