8 May 2015

Family friday: Weleda skinfood

When I wrote about my holy grail products I managed to forget about this family favourite and decided to include it as a family friday item.
This is Weleda skinfood and I love it.

The distinctive green tube is large in size for the price at 75ml.

This is an all purpose cream that has an extremely thick texture and although it would be unsuitable as a facial moisturiser, as even on my dry skin it is too rich, it is perfect for most skin irritations on the body or as a topical product on the face, perhaps using it overnight as a treatment in particularly irritated areas.
It is a thick dense texture

To be honest I think I am becoming 'one of those' wives that nags.
Whenever hubby tells me he is having issues with his eczema, we both have this 'oh so delightful' ailment, I first ask him if he has used the skin food. 
He usually hasn't so I nag him to use it  as it always works and I have no idea why he doesn't just use it in the first place. 
But maybe perversely he likes being nagged as really he should know better after almost ten years of marriage.
It provides excellent relief on our eczema though and is a great price for such a large tube, especially as it lasts months per tube in this house.

This cream is also great on cuticles and on rough skin like heels, knees and elbows, the place where I use it mostly in the winter due to the cold climate of the UK.
With a fragrance of oranges from the orange oil it has a delicate scent and pleasing scent that is not feminine, perfect for use in my male majority household, and the ingredients such as organic sunflower oil and chamomile also make it soothing yet moisturising on the skin.
It is also great as a cuticle cream and is a favourite in this house is the only skincare product that I keep on subscribe and save on Amazon so that we never run out.


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