26 May 2015

Degustabox May 2015

A very odd Degustabox in May, especially after they were hinting it was a box we needed before the bank holiday. So I assumed it would be bbq themed but instead it is the oddest box I have had with no real theme but nevertheless a good box for me.
This is what I received:

Daelmans Stroopwafels (£2)
These are authentic Stroopwafels from the Daelmans family bakery. They are toasted waffels with a creamy caramel filling.

We have all fell in love with these and will be ordering more direct from the manufacturer. These are yummy caramel wafers that are so moreish that we were all a little sad when they were all gone. Need need need more.

Slim Pasta (£2.49)
These are lasagne sheets made from Konjac flour and oat fibre and are a low fat and carb free alternative to the traditional lasagne sheets.

I am really not to sure what to think about this item to be honest. I like lasagne and although the normal white lasagne tends to be high carb it does feel satisfying so I am not sure why I would rush out and buy this sort of product.
But I'll happily try it and see what it is like. 

Schwartz Marinade in a bag Red Wine and Garlic (£2.19)
This is a no fuss, no mess way to marinade your chicken.

These marinades in a bag tend to be no fuss no mess solutions to a family dinner time so I am happy to receive this item as this a good cupboard stable to have.

Sarsons (£2)
This is a full bodied balsamic vinegar from Modena.

I don't mind receiving balsamic vinegar as my husband will use it. I don't know how but as he is a better cook than me I suppose he will know.

Maggi (2x £1.49)
These are just add water noodles with oriental flavours from Maggi.

Noodles will always be eaten in this house as they are a quick and easy lunch and these look like they could be nice and spicy. Always a bonus for me.
They are in oriental 3 spice and singapore curry flavours and are both chicken noodles.
Definitely interesting to me but to be honest the rrp is a little high for me and I would probably not buy them at that price.

Green Coco (80p)
This is a kids coconut juice drink that is mixed with banana.

I get the basic premise of this as I know some people dislike coconut juice or coconut water but I like them so I thought I might like this. But I didn't and it seemed a little insipid and wasn't a pleasant taste.

Fuel10k Protibrick(£2.69)
These are the first ever protein wheat biscuits that will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

Before I had Edward I hated weetabix type cereals and then when I was pregnant I ate it every day as it was one of my cravings and unlike most of them this never disgusted me after (I will never drink ginger beer in any volume again).
But back to this item. These are protein boosted wheat biscuits and are really delicious. Really filling too so a great breakfast.

9Bar fruity(£2)
These are a fruit and seed bar topped with carob.

I have eaten these before and loved them before and love that these are in my box.
These are a mix of a seeds and dried fruit and are really yummy and filling. 

Sweet Baby Ray's (£2.99)
According to the leaflet this is the no1 bbq sauce in the states with a sweet and smokey blend.

The final item is another BBQ sauce, we received one last month, and I like that this seems authentically american. Also if it is as tasty as the one from last month it will be fab.

So, there is my degustabox and I will eat/have eaten it all.The only thing I haven't loved so far is the coconut juice and I have to admit that although it is an odd month I like this box as you get to try things you wouldn't normally buy.


If you would like to try out this service you can use my link here to get £3 off your first box or to just have a look.

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