7 May 2015

Cute Korean products

Ever since I received the Red Appletox moisturiser in a Memebox I have been obsessed with fruit shaped beauty products and sadly it has also led me onto collecting anything cute to the point I have quite a collection, a lot of it Tonymoly, and here is most of my collection.

Tonymoly eggs (Blackhead steam balm, tightening cooling pack and silky smooth balm)
This is a three step nose pore cleansing step
These are probably my favourite products from the Tonymoly food shaped products I have bought so far.
This is a great set of products as they deal really effectively with blocked pores on the nose as it a three step process by using the scrub then the mask then the balm.

I have found that the scrub and the mask are very effective used together to clean the pores but I have to admit that the last step, the balm, doesn't wow me.
If I wore makeup all the time it may be great as it gives a more flawless look with foundation but for me I don't wear enough makeup to make it worthwhile ever buying again.

But I bought these three eggs as a set at a reduced rate so I am not bothered especially as for all I knew it could have been a holygrail product.
But the other two used in combination are fab and look great on my beauty product shelves.

My Tonymoly eggs were bought here.

Another set I bought from BNK on offer are these Tonymoly Panda's Dream items.
I haven't used any yet but they had this set at a good price and they are a sweet design with a hand cream, whitening moisturiser, sleeping mask, a cooling eye stick and a brightening eye stick so there is a nice variety here to use.
Plus I have only had one product that I have really disliked from Tonymoly so the odds of me liking these is high.
I bought the set here.

These Etude house hand creams were too cute to pass up. The shoes detach and although they are just hand creams I love that they have different personalities. Nice for my display shelf.
Don't worry is 'powdery citrus' and Good luck is 'floral fruity woody' but tbh the scents aren't amazing on these.
Link is here.

The next three pictures are of a variety of brands but can be easily categorised into skincare, lip products and hand creams (there are a lot of these).
I have included links where I purchased them on the names of the products, if I can find them.

These are my skincare cuties.
The red appletox apples are the products that started this obsession when one appeared in my memebox and when they were heavily discounted. This product I found not amazing on my face but on my feet it was amazing leaving them soft and smooth.
The other item I have used a lot here is the Tonymoly banana sleeping pack which has a delicate banana scent and a light but moisturising texture so it is perfect for my dry skin that is pernickity at times.
The small items are a lemon soft lip balm (sorry thought it was a sleeping pack) and the pink one is peach all in one peeling gel and both of these items were from baviphat who also do larger fruit products which are stunning but the small ones are nice to try the brand as until now I have only used their handcream which was great.
The last two items here are the green appletox smooth massage peeling cream and the Tonymoly pocket bunny moist mist, which I have tried and I like a little but would be a lot better if it would spray evenly, this was received in a subscription box I think.

The next group are my lip products and although most are Tonymoly, the banana, tomato, cherry, blueberry and green apple, there is the flower balm bulgarian rose lipbalm from Nature republic and the dessert time lip balm from Holikaholika which is a coloured lipgloss. The lips are from a recent beauteque box.
These type of cute products are easy to get and probably the cheapest way to start building up a collection.
The other item I use in terms of lips is the skinfood honey honeypot lipbalm that I recently reviewed and really love.

The majority of my cute items are handcreams as they seem to be the most prevalent of the cute items available.
Lots of companies produce the fruits such as The saem, Baviphat and Tonymoly and there are lots of other non fruit items to collect too such as the penguins and the houses.
But other than the packaging I find that the korean creams leave my hands ever so soft and that the scents last and the fruit scents don't smell synthetic like some of the uk ones.
The Tonymoly banana in particular is amazing and I have finished one and bought a second (on the above photo) and will probably buy a third.

So, there is cute product collection and I have to admit that these products are addictive and I will probably buy more in the future as they are great value for money too as a lot of ours become bath toys for beany after I have used them.


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