4 May 2015

Premae triumph moisturising creme balm

I use a lot of skincare over a year and definitely have had a lot of highs and lows with my different moisturisers and this is a definite high for me even if it has adjusted my routine slightly as with Premae skincare you use the serum as your last step in your skincare routine.

The packaging feels and looks rather luxe
The inside is a plastic insert and this helps you to make sure yoou get every ml.
This is a dry/ageing skin targeted rich textured moisturising creme balm which is vegan and cruelty free and is also from an allergen free brand.
It has a base of three natural oils, these are the largest ingredients in the ingredients list, (frankincense, wild carrot and aloe vera leaf oils) and because of this there is a strong scent of frankiscence that is rather herbal in nature and I am not sure if I like the scent or not.

The ingredients are great in terms of their functions with helping with skin health though and have the benefits below:

Frankincense oil is great as a tonic to the skin, helping rejuvinate ageing skin as well as helping to soothe any skin inflammation. 

Wild carrot oil helps by improving skin tone and elasticity as well as helping to slow the formation of wrinkles, calming irritation and it also has antioxidant properties.

Aloe vera leaf oil is great too as it soothes the skin, acts an anti inflammatory as well as adding multiple vitamins to the skin and it moisturises the skin and stimulates the skin to produce collagen. 

These are definitely great ingredients to have as the first three ingredients in the cream as they will help with a lot of the issues with ageing and dry skin such as lack of skin tone and dry skin as well as wrinkles.

Despite the strong herbal scent, I love it as it leaves my skin soft, smooth, supple and well nourished and hydrated.
It has a thick creamy balm texture so it provides a layer that is almost like a second skin to seal in moisturise and to protect the skin from environmental damage and would be particularly great in the winter when the skin is drier and the cold wind can be harsh on the skin.

I would definitely recommend this creme.
Although it is small at 15ml for the £51 price but it can be requested in their three months of skincare for £99 deal (for three months you can request three products from their range per month, so nine products for the £99 which is a great deal and lets you try a lot of their range)

I can only recommend this for my dry skin however, if you have combination or oily skin you might be best trying their harmony creme balm which helps oil prone skin as it also helps too mattify the skin.

More info on Premae can be found here.


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