2 May 2015

My holy grail products

To the most part there is a constant turnover of the products in my house so when I do find a holy grail product (or product type in the case of one of these) it is rare. 
But in the last six months, or so, I have found some so here they are:


Micellar Waters

Garnier micellar waters
I use these for my initial cleanse, I double cleanse most times before using a toner, and have found these applied on a large cotton pad are great for an initial cleanse whether or not I have been wearing makeup that day.
I have tried a few brands and particularly enjoyed the Boots Botanics All Bright Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution as it gave a great healthy glow to my skin as well as the Garnier Micellar waters.
I have tried pink topped waters (Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml) and the green topped waters (Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water Combination & Sensitive Skin 400ml) from Garnier and have found the green less drying on the skin.  
These are often on deal too so I'll often grab them BOGOF or half price or a third off so are good value for about a months use per bottle. 

Tonymoly Clean Dew Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream

Loving the bouncy plastic leaves on the broccoli sprout.

A great inner lid to remind you of the brand is both functional and reminds you what you are using.

This cream cleanser has a thick luxurious texture and only a small amount needs to be used.

My skin can be a little picky with skincare between seasons so I can get some breakouts but have found that a few extra minutes of skincare to double cleanse keeps them away in the most part.
When I have been ill this year, first with the lovely flu that took over my body in the later part of last year as well as my flying leap down the stairs this year, yes I am a little clumsy, I have found that I lack motivation to do this second step so have paid the price.
But I am now systematically using the double cleanse again and have introduced this cream cleanser to my routine.

This is a thick cream cleanser that has particles in it which are slightly scrubby on the skin. It is infused with vitamins and I have found it very hydrating on my dry skin. 
Although it is designed to have any excess removed with a cotton pad I have found this step not applicable because I use my toner afterwards and generally this removes any excess product.
A definite holygrail though as it is hydrating, kind on the skin, feeling like liquid velvet on my face, and thick in texture so that a little goes a long way, making it economical to use.
Add to this that the packaging is probably the cutest of all of the Tonymoly products I have found so far and for me this is a must buy.

Secret key toners

Two of the three Secretkey toners that I have tried, the third was the Rose Floral Softening Toner
This is another product where I will recommend a group of products rather than one in general, although these are from one brand.
I fell in love with these Korean toners after receiving the milk brightening toner in the Beauteque head to toe milk bag.

I have since used both the Rose Floral softening toner and the Aloe Vera soothing moist toner and have found that all three seal in moisture as well as helping to finish the cleansing process. 

My favourite still is the Milk toner as it helps to brighten my skin which can look a little dull at times so the brightening definitely helps to give me a healthy glow.

All three though are soft on my sensitive skin and do not cause irritation. 
Although my next toner will be a different one as I need to use up my products I will definitely be using these again as I have quite a few in my skincare stash and will definitely buy more too.


Glamglow face masks

Luxury packaging to match the price point
The gritty texture is great to buff the face after use and a little goes a long way with this mud mask.

I have used these glamglow masks (youthmud and supermud) on and off for the last year and a half, in between using other masks and none at all at times, and have found that these are one of very few products that I am willing to 'splash out' on.
These are mud masks which contain tea leaves as an exfoliant which along with the mud particles are massaged into the face when they are washed off

The masks are expensive but I have bought them when the gift sets are available (usually mother's day and Christmas time or in the boxing day/new years/ black Friday sales) so they have been cheaper than full price and as mine have lasted well and a little goes a long way they have made a good investment.  

They dry quickly on application and leave your pores cleansed and usually give me a good indication of where my face is greasy as the mask turns darker where it is most at work so on me it is on my nose, especially working on my pores which can get a little blocked at times, as well as on the sides of the nose in the crease which is the only really greasy part of my skin.

As I don't use nose strips, as I find that they break the capillaries on my nose leaving a 'oh so alluring' effect, these masks are great for unblocking my pores there and leaving the skin with a smoother effect.
For me I much prefer the Supermud over the youthmud as I find the youthmud irritates my skin and is more drying but I will use either and I am looking forward to trying the thirsty mud in the future as from the name it sounds like it could be good on my dry skin.


Nature republic hand & nature sanitiser gel

an odd addition to my holy grails but a must have with a toddler
The addition of hand sanitiser gel to my holy grail products might be an odd one but with a toddler I seem to use a fair amount of this type of product. 
Unlike in the USA which seem to be able to get a lot of scented hand sanitiser we seem to have very little so when I saw these on Testerkorea I had to try them as they had a low price and had a good variety of scents.
I like these a lot and although they can be drying on the hands they kill the majority of germs and after I tend to use hand cream anyhow so the drying effect doesn't really concern me.
My favourite of these are the peppermint which a refreshing scent and the peach which is lovely and fruity.
Cheap. Functional in killing germs. Lovely scents that don't fade away fast.
What more could I ask for?


Superdrug Little star Cotton Wool Pads

Another odd addition perhaps but I use these everyday with my cleansers and toner and have found, oddly, that I have a preference of these over the Boots large pads that I used to used as I prefer the quilted texture of these.
They are hard wearing and are a good price as I buy them in bulk when the deal is good.

Lol, I really like good value. It must be the Murray genes.

So, there are my holy grail products at the moment.
I can't really see these changing at the moment but you never know what I might find next, especially as I have lots of other products to use up.


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