15 May 2015

Family Friday: books for bedtime

Books, books everywhere in our house and although my own collection seems to grow on my Kindle, mainly due to lack of room, Edward's collection of books seem to be breeding on his bookcase as I find it hard to say no to the Bookpeople deals.
But these are our favourite books at the moment and most have been favourites of both Edward and I for a while.

This is the first of three Julia Donaldson books for this post. It is a food related rhyming book with animal characters.
One of Edward's favourite and an easy and fast book to read on a day that he wants three or four books. Gotta admit the last two pages are my fave with an alternative to washing up.

The Gruffalo is definitely a modern classic when it comes to children's books and I love the wiley mouse's adventure through the woods. Smart and amusing this is a rhyming book I read probably three days out of seven and never bore of.

Another Julia Donalson book and this one sees the Gruffalo's child setting out to explore the woods and meeting the mouse. Another sweet book from this author and a favourite in my house.

My personal favourite children's book at the moment is 'Betty and the Yeti' by Ella Burfoot. I love that this book is so effective at pointing out that although some people may be different they can still make great friends. 
Such a sweet rhyming book.

My mum read this to me and I read it to my son. It is the story of a big skelton, a little skeleton and a dog skeleton. This is a non rhyming classic that has a moment between a dog and a bench which amuses Edward.

Lots of sound effects in his book from lots of different animal which means I get to do lots of practice being a bear, a rabbit and a bear among other animals.

My final book is my favourite from the 'How do dinosaur' books. It shows typical toddler behaviour but with a dinosaur as the toddler. So in this book he displays all the ploys that a toddler may show to halt bedtime like one more story or throwing a tantrum.
So funny.

So, there are my fave bedtime books at the moment.
But with so many other great books out there I am sure that this list will grow in time.


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