2 October 2014

Nerdblock classic September 2014

My Nerdblock Classic for september arrived mid month and I have only just got the time to review it.
For me it was a good box but not really amazing.

The first item in the box is a sounds of the galxy t shirt which is really funky.

We also got a std awareness plush toy. For me it was a surprising item and Edward has reclaimed him as a snake. 
I would rather they don't include these items though.

Next was a brain stress toy. To me this looked a bit old and tired looking as it appears that the design was partially rubbed off when I received it.

This was the first of two mystery packs and is okay.

I prefer the second one but it is nothing exciting.

The final item is another boxos product by funko and to be honest we had one in an earlier box and I still haven't assembled it as I am not really interested and little bean is a bit young for it.

So, there is my nerdblock for September and it was okay but as we buy it mainly for the T shirts for Paul the other items are extras in my eyes.


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