8 October 2014

Memebox superbox #10 snail

When I saw that some of the older boxes had restocked I really couldn't resist this box that first sold a long while ago. 
This was the first snail box and having not received a snail box before I couldn't resist buying this, although I only knew what was in this box after purchasing it and looking at other people's blogposts.
But this is a great box with four full sized items and two sheets masks.

The Skin House Wrinkle Snail System Cream 50ml ($18)
This is a cream that is made out of 100% pure ingredients and is a cream to nourish and replenish the skin.
According to the description it will also maintain a high moisture level for 24 hours.
This is great for my dry skin and I really look forward to trying it.

Elensilia EGF Renovage Youth Activating Eye Cream 25g ($89)
Another eye cream, I have so many of these.
As per normal this one will help bags but the addition of snail extracts excites me as I know that they are good for repairing any damage to the skin and keeping it young and firm.

Pure Smile Non Silicon Snail Treatment 250g ($16)
This is the product I am most excited about in the box as I have a lot of hair treatments but this one appeals due to the lack of silicon.
Instead this contains snail slime extracts to give a long lasting shine while it adds nourishment to maintain a healthy shine.
Although I am not really wowed by pure smile products this one appeals due to the rose scent and the snail slime as I want the shine but refuse to get it if it has a detrimental effect to the condition of my hair.

Purederm Age Regenerating Multi step treatment 25ml
Purederm Age Regenerating Ampoule & Snail 3D Mask 25ml ($4)
I love love love sheet masks and I have never had a snail mask so these two are most gratefully received as I wanted to see how good they were and how slimy they were.
One is a 3d mask, meaning it has a seam down the middle, which is surprising as when I first tried them I expected a flat mask but I really love them.

DKDN Snail Recover Intensive Serum 30ml ($33)
A serum is always well received in my boxes and at 30ml this one will last a while.
It contains 93% snail extract and will brighten, nourish and moisturise the skin.

There is my restock snail one box and I really like it and will use it all. I am especially looking forward to using the pure smile hair treatment and the masks.


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