24 October 2014

Memebox special #38 My mask box

Sometimes there are boxes I really enjoy and sometimes there are ones I forget about and this box is unique in that I like the contents but have still managed to forget about it.... gotta agree that isn't too smart of me but here is my review.
Better late than never.

Pure Smile Mask Sheet 5 Set (20ml x 5) Pearl ($6)
You could have got a few different varieties in this box and I received pearl. According to the card these are rich in vitamin E and collagen and are moisturising and relaxing.
I love sheet masks and these look great and I am especially glad that there are five in this pack and that they are pearl as I have never tried this variety before.

Pro You Pore Control Facial Mask 200g ($53)
They really seem to like pro you at the moment and this is the brands pore control mask.
It contains hyaluronic acid, vegetable collagen, aloe vera, witch hazel, green tea and chamomile and will help to treat blackheads and skin impurities while also soothing the skin and tightening up large pores.
It sounds nice but isn't really for me to be honest as I don't tend to get spots.

Purederm Wrinkle Reducer Gel Patches 6 Treatment 1 box ($12)
Another purederm item in the box, another memebox favourite brand, and this time we have received their gel pads that are, according to the card, formulated to reduce fine line and wrinkles around the eye area.

Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack 100ml ($30)
The Elizavecca products have appeared a lot in the memboxes recently and have gone down well with the memecommunity so very excited to get this mask.
To me this sounds a bit like a sleeping pack and I may try it like thaat but it has the added bonus of not having to wash it off later.
According to the card it has a high level of collagen peptide to increase skin radiance and elasticity. It also adds nutrients to the skin.

Tosowoong Help Me Neck Patch 2ea ($6)
I have tried neck patches before and they won't stay on so not sure if I will use these.
But these are by Tosowoong and are made of bio cellulose made from coconut and according to the card will help to replenish and tighten the skin on the neck.

Milky Dress Aqua Sleeping Pack 50ml ($23)
I love love love sleeping packs and look forward to using this one as milky dress is a good brand.
According to the card it will hydrate the skin as well as help with the signs of aging.
I will use this alongside my moisturiser at night after I have used up my secret key sleeping pack.

insobeau beauty Secret Step Up Bust Mask 1ea ($14)
The final item is the only item I have used from this box and it was quite surprising.
This is an overnight to lift and firm the bust as well as to soften the skin and add moisture.
I tried it out when I first got the box as other people said it was good and it really does firm the bust and to be honest the effect stayed around for a week or so.
A great product that worked really well and was impressed it stayed on despite me being an active sleeper.

There was my 'my mask box' and once again the box was really good for the $23 plus $6.99 postage it costs and I really like the contents and especially like the bust mask and the sleeping mask and sheet masks.
Can't wait for the next mask box,


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