10 October 2014

Lookfantastic October 2014

I missed out on the September box from lookfantastic so when the October one came up for sale I couldn't say no as it gave great value with the first and was full of great products.
Although this one was good I haven't rushed out to preorder november, who don't have a sub for these and can buy when you want, and not sure I will be getting it.

Korres citrus showergel 50ml
I received this sample in my birchbox a few months ago and although it is a nice zingy showergel I have so much showergel that I wouldn't rush out and buy it.
But it moisturises nicely and according to card it has wheat in it that is abundant in b vitamins to help your skin stay healthy as well aloe to soothe the skin.

KMS California Free Shape quick blow dry
It seems Kms are flavour of the month as I know that Kms is in another box this month.
Even with a lot of hair I have to admit that I don't blow dry my hair as it seems to grow quite fast on it's own so I leave it be nowadays.
But according to card this will speed blow dry time by up to 50% while conditioning slightly and adding heat protection and will be great for those that blow dry their hair.

Loreal professionel pro keratin refill correcting care shampoo 100ml
Loreal professionel pro keratin refill correcting care masque 75ml
A duo of hair products from the pro keratin refill range by Loreal professional.

According to the card these will make your hair feel like it has 70% more resistance from breaking. 
They are both enriched with pro keratin and incell and will give smooth and healthy soft hair.
Great sizes to try the products out too as I should get a few applications from both and these are not products I would probably buy so it is good to receive them in a beauty box.

balance Me skin saviours facial expression filler 15ml
This is a full sized product that more than pays for the box as it has a value larger than the £15 I paid for the box.
The description on the card says it is a cream to help to diminish expression lines on the forehead and around the mouth and although I have no rea laughter lines yet it would be a good product to try for those that have.

Gatineau Collagene Expert ultimate smoothing cream 15ml
I always like moisturising creams and having one that works well for both night and day is a great thing.
Although I have to admit that this is from a brand is very expensive so I wouldn't buy it again. 
But the sample is great size so I can get a good amount of use from it.
According to the card this is a cream with high levels of elastin and collagen and has a gel like texture so it will absorb fast and help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help improve the feel of the skin.

thisworks sleep plus+ pillow spray 5ml
This is the final item in the box and is the only item in this box that I have tried so far and it is really good sleep spray, although it is a tiny sample and the scent of lavender doesn't linger.
Thankfully though if I want to buy it again as it seemed to work they sell huge bottles for a reasonable price.

There is my lookfantastic box for October and at £15 including postage it was a good deal. It was full of high end products that I would probably not buy myself but that I will enjoy trialling.


More info on this  box can be found here

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