24 October 2014

Birchbox October 2014

I am usually totally in love with my birchboxes and looking at other people's contents I usually feel no jealousy but this month both the contents as well as the comparison with other people's boxes has left me cold.
Add to that this is my lost box of a six month sub it was wrong time to have a dud box that the rest of my other subs have kicked into submission.
The disparity in the boxes every month has finally upset me and not sure I will sign up again without a good deal.
But back to this month's box. 

This was a collaboration with CoppaFeel which is a breast cancer charity.

Shaveworks The Cool Fix Targeted Gel Lotion 29ml
This item doesn't really interest me as I am not really needing an aftershave gel.

Meaningful beauty Cindy Crawford Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules (7 capsules)
This is 3 and a half days of moisturiser which, according to the card, will give firmer skin and target fine lines and wrinkles.
Feels a bit cheap when other people got serum samples to be honest and celebrity endorsed products aren't my thing especially with the full size costing £39.95.
I would much rather have some korean moisturisers tbh.

pixi Shea Butter Lip balm Ripe Raspberry 4g (full sized £8)
This is my favourite item in my box and the only full sized item. 
It is a soft lip balm that contains shea butter to moisturise the lips and it also gives a beautiful raspberry red colour to the lips.

kms california free shape hot flex creme 50ml
This is a disappointing item as I don't use hair products and would much rather have had the anti frizz product as I have long frizzy hair.
But this will go to my mother in law.

Cattier Paris Clay mask Pink clay (2 x 12.5ml)
It s extremely disappointing to get foil samples in general but when the full sized is only £4.25 it takes the mick even more.
But this is a pink clay mask which contains aloe vera and will, according the card improve complexion and soften the skin.
Additionally loads of people got things worth more than these foil samples which in my eyes are pretty pathetic.

Lipstick pen
Pink birchbox case

The extras were nice this month but they don't make up for a disappointing box in my eyes.

So, there is my box and to be honest I am not sure I will save up for another six months but I will wait and see.



  1. I can totally see why you're disappointed! You got two very small samples and that's not on! I was pleased with my box this month but it was different to yours (although I got some weird wax stuff which isn't really suitable for longer hair!!) For the record that shave gel stuff actually made my legs burn! OUCH!
    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

    1. lol will watch where i put it then. I might do another six months now I have simmered down and actually don't hate the capsules and won some more on birchbloggers comp so gonna try them out